Bug Juice Wine

    bug juice
  • insect repellent; see MALARIA, HORSE PILL, DAPSONE. The removal of leeches (averaging 3"-5") by cigarette burn works well, but regular insect repellent is wonderful, since it strangles their breathing, makes them vomit all the blood they sucked, and then suffocates them!
  • Whisky or other liquor, esp. when of poor quality
  • Bug Juice (named after the slang term for large quantities of super-sweet juice drinks made with artificially flavored powder such as Kool-Aid) is a Disney Channel reality series that premiered on February 28, 1998. The series focuses around 20 kids and their experiences at summer camp.
  • A sweet, artificially colored, non-carbonated soft drink
  • Mosquito repellant - spray, liquid, and roll on.  Citronella anything - patches, bracelets, smoke rings, candles .. anything citronella.  We do have a skeeter problem here.
  • fermented juice (of grapes especially)
  • drink wine
  • An alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice
  • An alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of specified other fruits or plants
  • a red as dark as red wine
bug juice wine bug juice wine - Cactus Juice
Cactus Juice 6 Oz eco spray
Cactus Juice 6 Oz eco spray
This natural blend of Prickly Pear Cactus, emollients, and moisturizers hydrates and moisturizes the skin (helps prevent windburn). And it creates a natural and effective shield against Nature's assaults. No sunscreen (great for evenings). Safe to spray on clothing. Safe for children (for babies, please consult your physician). 6 oz. eco-friendly pump spray bottle. Lightly fragranced.
Containing no harmful chemicals and formulated with your health in mind, this natural, lightly fragranced blend of Prickly Pear Cactus, emollients and moisturizers not only moisturizes and hydrates the skin but creates a natural and effective shield against Nature's assaults.
Cactus JuiceTM Eco-Safe SprayTM Formula is safe to spray on clothing for more effective protection. All Cactus Juice products are safe for kids! (under 6 months old consult your physician).

Luccio Moscato d'Asti - hiJa210 - 95
Luccio Moscato d'Asti - hiJa210 - 95
The muscat grape is one of my favorites, and this white sparkling Italian wine is one of my favorites - as is the corkscrew. Sometimes incorrectly termed as an "automatic" corkscrew, it is actually a twisting pull corkscrew, and this one has NEVER failed! The detestable "rabbit ears" have broken, and the "waiter" style and the "two piece" have their inherent weaknesses. And the other whacked-out dooflippies... well, they're too big, bulky and expensive! It's kinda' funny to me, that when I hand this to folks, they look at it and can't figure it out... if they get it started. The top has a bail that holds the screw at length while being turned into the cork. The frame, of course, fits over the bottle top and cork. Once the screw is inserted, flip/lift the bail and continue turning the handle - which is threaded and rotates around the screw stem. Once the screw is inserted, and the handle rests against the frame, there is a leverage created which in turn pulls the cork. It has NEVER failed, and has never torn a cork. But back to the wine... The particular grape varietal from which this wine is made is the muscat, is also called moscato. It is naturally sweet, and several types of wine - ranging from the d'Asti (a sparkling Italian wine), to a late harvest dessert wine, and a table wine are all made from this grape. The wine is naturally white, and depending upon the sweetness, it can range from crystal clear to an amber color. In my opinion, Sutter Home makes a good, readily available, and inexpensive table wine from the muscat grape. And, for the non-wine connoisseur, or one whom does not regularly enjoy wine, the moscato is a good all-around wine, and one which I recommend to many for that reason. "Bug Juice" is a good sparkling moscato, and in my opinion better than the Luccio, but it's not as readily found. The Luccio, however, is more widely distributed, and both are Italian. ___ If you're interested in using this image, or any my photographs, you may contact me via e-mail: SouthernBreezeOnFlickr@gmail.com.
Bug Juice - 1
Bug Juice - 1
Ironically, my first alcoholic purchase was a 2006 Rinaldi 'Bug Juice' Muscato d'Asti. It's ironic because 'Bug Juice' was also the name of an epic Disney Channel show I loved growing-up. Originally uploaded May 14, 2008.
bug juice wine
Walla Walla Environmental Gal Insect Additive 37005 Paint Additives
Bug Juice, Gallon, Insecticide Paint Additive Designed To Eliminate Crawling & Flying Insects On Interior & Exterior Surfaces Including Kitchens & Pantries, Bug Juice Will Not Affect The Color Or Drying Time Of The Coating It Is Mixed With & Has No Odor, Does Not Repel Insects, Contact Pesticide & Begins To Work After An Insect Makes Contact With The Treated Surface, Can Be Added To Any Latex Or Oil Based Paint, Stain Or Sealant, Will Remain Effective For Up To 3 Years In The Coating It Is Mixed With.