New Year's Eve Espresso Martini

What you'll need...

1 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 oz cooled Espresso
1 oz Kahlua
1 Oreo Cookie
Black Decorating Icing

For Martini
1) Fill one bowl with water and one bowl with gold sprinkles or sugar
2) Flip over martini glass and dip top outer rim of glass into the water and then into the sprinkles
3) Fill a cocktail shaker with ice
4) Pour vodka, cooled espresso and Kahlua in shaker and shake vigorously
5) Pour cocktail into Martini glass

For Clock:
1) Use a #1 round decorating tip and fill a piping bag with black icing
2) Split open an Oreo Cookie and draw clock face and hands on white filling of the cookie
3) Gently place the clock face up on top of the frothy espresso martini
*TIP: if making multiple cocktails, make all the clocks beforehand