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 What's Almutarjim?

Almutarjim is a Cadi Ayyad University-based Translation Research Group devoted to the study of the theoretical and practical issues relating to translation, culture and terminology.

Almutarjim consists of a group of professors teaching in the Arabic Studies Department and the English Studies Department at Cadi Ayyad Univesity.

Our objective is to advance the scholarly research and practice in the field of translation in the Arab World.

Our mission is to promote the theory and practice of translation in the Arab World.

Almutarjim's Objectives?

1. Publishing and translating books dealing with translation theory

2. Providing modern study books and courses and making them accessible to students

3. Encouraging the translational activity in the Moroccan University and translating English scholarly books into Arabic

4. Disseminating the Islamic and Arabic heritage by translating it into English

5. Introducing the Moroccan culture through the English language

6. Contributing to the enrichment of the Arabic terminology both practically and theoretically

7. Supporting and coordinating the scholarly work in the field of translation through cooperation with the national and international centers

and organizations

The Head Office
Almutarjim is based at the Faculty of Letters and Humanities- Marrakech (FLHM), Cadi Ayyad University.


.Our Latest News

Almutarjim is now preparing for an international conference on the translation of the Sacred Texts.

This conference will be held in coordination wiht the Awqaf and Islamic affairs Ministry- the Moroccan

The conference of The Sacred Text Translation aims specifically to address the cultural, linguistic and exegetical issues that arise whenever a translator undertakes the task of communicating the sacred contents of the Holy Scriptures in a different language.   


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