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Sealing Ring For Pressure Cooker

sealing ring for pressure cooker
    pressure cooker
  • autoclave for cooking at temperatures above the boiling point of water
  • An airtight pot in which food can be cooked quickly under steam pressure
  • Pressure Cooker claims to be Boston’s original old-school reggae band. The group formed in 1997 with a shared passion of Jamaican ska, rocksteady, and reggae music of the sixties and seventies.
  • A highly stressful situation or assignment
  • Pressure cooking is a method of cooking in a sealed vessel that does not permit air or liquids to escape below a preset pressure.
  • (seal) make tight; secure against leakage; "seal the windows"
  • waterproofing: the act of treating something to make it repel water
  • Fasten or close securely
  • (seal) sealing wax: fastener consisting of a resinous composition that is plastic when warm; used for sealing documents and parcels and letters
  • Prevent something from escaping by closing a container or opening
  • Isolate an area by preventing or monitoring entrance to and exit from it
  • Each of a series of resonant or vibrating sounds signaling an incoming telephone call
  • An act of causing a bell to sound, or the resonant sound caused by this
  • a characteristic sound; "it has the ring of sincerity"
  • a toroidal shape; "a ring of ships in the harbor"; "a halo of smoke"
  • A telephone call
  • sound loudly and sonorously; "the bells rang"

Testing ring flashes
Testing ring flashes
We did some quick ring flash comparison between Profoto ring flash & Ray Flash ring flash adapter. Can't remember which was better :D At least the results looked quite the same from camera's LCD screen. Of course the AcuteB can deliver much more watt seconds than Ray. And this photo is not from the testing setup, just fooling around with flashes.
All-American 915 Pressure Cooker/Canner
All-American 915 Pressure Cooker/Canner
This is the first time I have owned a pressure cooker, and this one was bought so that I can process and preserve non-acid foods. First batch through it was 7 quarts of rich, homemade chicken broth. As for the eerie green glow - that was caused by my green teapot behind the canner.

sealing ring for pressure cooker
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