Girl Free Cooking Games

girl free cooking games
  • The process of preparing food by heating it
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SKERI: Surprise, I have been TAGGED
SKERI: Surprise, I have been TAGGED
Hi Flickr friends, I have been tagged by Sakshi_Sharma and the naughty but intelligent little girl has actually put me to a task and refreshed my school memories of writing essays and stanzas. God gives us our relatives thank God we can choose our friends. COURTESY FLICKR. THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS: 1.My actual name is Sikander which has been Mutilated by my nicks as “Skeri” & am an Aquarian. Almighty God issued me the permit of enjoying this beautiful world on 42 years back and do celebrate every year. I left my home at the tender age of 11 for boarding and later college at Prince of Wales college. Since I am a Scuba Diver I claim to be an Amphibian. It was nice to join a Ship and get rid of those stupid Mathematical riddles and Physics Numericals but it was like “From the frying Pan into the Fire” since Ship’s Navigational work is basically full of Mathematical Calculations. So it was a hard nut to crack. 2.My first love is Water, Water and Water and go mad while at Sea for Diving or wetting in rain. Diving is my passion. Once in a Late night Hotel party with my family and friends, I Jumped into swimming pool with my clothes on and Joked with Manager for not putting railing on pool side and arranging party at a risky place. Later they all were happy to know my mad passion for swimming. It was a light fun . 3.I am married to a beautiful household wife. The happiest moments of my life: When I was blessed with my daughter Saika seconded by another daughter Shrami. I love my wife who gifted me with two cute n beautiful daughters. My assets are my family. 4.I am an athlete having a six feet + Broad bony frame, and love sports like Basketball, Boxing and also remained coach for Martial Arts. Play Mouth organ, listen to the music at leisure, I am a very good singer but in bathroom only nowhere on a public stage. Hahaha. 5.So as for languages are concerned I know English, Hindi, Punjabi, Russian and can make myself comfortable with Telugu n Malyalam friends verbally only. 6.Photography is my childhood passion and am also very fond of holding colour brushes for landscapes and portraits and sketch pencils for instant impressions anytime any where. 7.I am a Shippie and have sailed to many parts of Globe and loved roaming like a free bird. 8.I love eating but am very much concerned about health issue. So less frieds, oils and more fruits n juices with a lot of workout. 9.Sunday I am busy with Washing my Cars and later with my family n friends for outing and cooking. 10.Love good friends having straight n clean ideas. I do not believe in Show off business. 11.My other hobbies are domestic electrical repair works, watching TV for sports and adventurous channels, war movies and light music. My all time favourite movies are BENHUR, THE GUNS OF NAVARONE, TITANIC, GONE WITH THE WIND, TEN COMMANDMENTS and a few more. 12.Driving on long routes followed by trekking never made me tired rather I loved and enjoyed the nature’s ups and downs in hilly tracks. 13.I loved Donation of blood and eyes: I SHALL NOT BE ABLE TO DO SO. (Why? See below after 16.) 14.God Made man and man made Slaves: I hate. 15.I celebrate my birthday by releasing caged birds kept for selling in the market. 16.Last but not the least: Two men looked out from the prison bars One saw the mud another saw the Stars And thus, is my motto for seeing the stars in this beautiful world with a small span of life. Though now a days I have been sucking Honey of a thorn but still Fate gives us a Lemon and we should make it’s Lemonade. These were the risings of my life and you know there is always a downfall after a rise. So now a days a foreign friend has embarrassed and hugged me who has been with me for the last 9 months and there has been a continuous fight between us. I am thankful to my Flickr friend Dr.Paddu Rao & family for rendering me the guidelines on this issue so that it does not harm me much. I am also thankful to Maggie, Tanya Mass, Ponnu, Sanjeev, Rekha, Silvia, Sanjeeban and all other friends(List is too long) who have been a source of inspiration for me to combat this DEADLY BLOOD CANCER. Twelve Chemos have been administered into me after a interval of every 28 days and for three regular days. Undergoing chemotherapy has been a nightmarish experience for me but I have to undergo in case I further want to enjoy this beautiful world. Hell broke on me and my family when undergoing under strenous and ever painful CHEMOTHERAPY I sufferred a Cardiac attack and had to drive 9 Kms. to reach Hospital to combat the heart attack. Came back safe after 6 days of heart surgery for left artery blockade. More to write........... Tagging seems to be a relay race game and thus I pass the baton surprisingly to another Flickr friend. Life is very beautiful and every moment of it should be enjoyed. Have a Lot of Fun. THANX SAKSHI. Erratums Excepted & Accepted. .
Ragged School, Chatham, England
Ragged School, Chatham, England
The History of Ragged Schools The idea of ragged schools was developed by John Pounds, a Portsmouth shoemaker. In 1818 Pounds began teaching poor children without charging fees. Thomas Guthrie helped to promote Pounds' idea of free schooling for working class children. Guthrie started a ragged school in Edinburgh and Sheriff Watson established another in Aberdeen Lord Shaftesbury formed the Ragged School Union in 1844 and over the next eight years over 200 free schools for poor children were established in Britain. Wealthy individuals such as Angela Burdett-Coutts gave large sums of money to the Ragged Schools Union. This helped to establish 350 ragged schools by the time the 1870 Education Act was passed. Over the next few years ragged schools were gradually absorbed into the new Board Schools. The Ragged Schools were charitable schools dedicated to the free education of destitute children. The movement started in Scotland in 1841, when Sheriff Watson established the Aberdeen Ragged School, initially for boys only: a similar School for girls opened in 1843, and a mixed School in 1845. From here the movement spread to Dundee and other parts of Scotland, mostly due to the work of the Rev Thomas Guthrie. In 1844, the movement spread to England, with the establishment of the London Ragged School Union under the chairmanship of Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury. Cooper was president for 39 years, in which time an estimated 300,000 destitute children received education. At the zenith of the movement, there were 192 Schools, with an average attendance of 20,000 pupils. As well as giving very elementary education, the Ragged Schools engaged in a wide variety of social welfare activities such as running Penny Banks, Clothing Clubs, Bands of Hope, and Soup Kitchens. However, despite their alternate name of Industrial Feeder Schools, only 3 Ragged Schools gave trade instruction, the only form of education for which Government grants were available. With the advent of the board schools as a consequence of An Act to provide for Elementary Education in England and Wales [9 August 1870], the curricula of which did qualify for such grants, the number of pupils at Ragged Schools gradually declined. Tens of thousands of children are in our schools who are, I regret to say, grossly ignorant and utterly uninstructed, and the only thing we can do is to look to their cleanliness and give them habits of order and promote their regularity of attendance...with good schools and most efficient teachers...the results are sure to follow" A volunteer teacher tells you how boisterous the children are "all of them ragged and dirty and some of them revoltingly so, and who were spending the Sabbath in lounging about the streets and yards or playing games (not of the most innocent kind). When ushered into the first classroom, they whistled, sang, shouted and yelled until better sport presented itself...The girls appearance was unrefined in the extreme; their answers to the teachers' questions revealed a state of ignorance truly deplorable" (source, Walvin, A Child's World) JOHN POUNDS John Pounds was born in Portsmouth on 17th June 1766. His father was a sawyer in the royal dockyard and when was twelve years old, his father arranged for him to be apprenticed as a shipwright. Three years later John fell into a dry dock and was crippled for life. Unable to work as a shipwright, John became a shoemaker and by 1803 had his own shop in St. Mary Street, Portsmouth. While working in the shop, John began teaching local children how to read. His reputation as a teacher grew and he soon had over 40 pupils attending his lessons. Unlike other schools, John did not charge a fee for teaching the poor of Portsmouth. As well as reading and arithmetic, John gave lessons in cooking, carpentry and shoemaking. John Pounds died in 1839. After his death, Thomas Guthrie wrote Plea for Ragged Schools and proclaimed John Pounds as the originator of this idea. Guthrie started a ragged school in Edinburgh and Sheriff Watson established another in Aberdeen. Lord Shaftesbury formed the Ragged School Union in 1844 and over the next eight years over 200 free schools for poor children were established in Britain.

girl free cooking games
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