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David Cook Latest Album

david cook latest album
    david cook
  • David Cook is the major-label debut album (second overall) from seventh season American Idol winner David Cook. The album was released on November 18, 2008 in the United States, was certified Platinum and has sold over one million copies in the United States.
  • David "Zeb" Cook is an American game designer best known for his work at TSR, Inc., where he was employed for over fifteen years.
  • David L. Cook(e) (born November 11, 1968) is an American Christian country music singer-songwriter, comedian and a multiple Emmy Award and Telly Award winner. Born to Donnell and June Cook (nee Mercer), David is the oldest of six children.
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2008 Playlist
2008 Playlist
For the past few years I have sent out a end of the year CD and here is this years playlist: 1 – Black & Gold Marcussen Album Version (Sam Sparro) – I have no idea what this song is about – the lyrics don’t make much sense to me, but I really love the beat. 2 - Closer (Ne-Yo) – When I first heard this song I thought it was Michael Jackson – thank god it’s not. I really have no desire to support his career. 3 – What Love Is (Mary J. Blige) – I really love the lyrics of this song – I think she captures all of the emotions and feelings in such a great way. 4 – The Heart of the Matter (India.Arie) – I first heard this version of this song during a “Sex and the City” movie trailer and I fell in love with it. 5 – At Seventeen (Janis Ian) – I was watching an old episode of “Saturday Night Live” and Janis Ian was the musical guest and she performed this song. I thought she was so amazing – I bought the song on iTunes immediately. 6 – Far Far (Yael Naim) – I discovered Yael Naim when iTunes featured this song as their free “song of the week” – I downloaded it and just fell in love with it. It reminds me of a dear friend of mine every time I listen to it. 7 – Cold Shoulder (ADELE) – I discovered ADELE in the same way as Yael Naim – a single of hers was free on iTunes and I downloaded it. I later saw her perform on SNL and she did this song – I think she is amazing. 8 - Moratorium (Alanis Morissette) – I actually loved her new CD so much I went to see her concert when she was in LA – she was amazing. 9 - Declaration (David Cook) – This year’s American Idol winner – I really like him a lot and I hope he does well. 10 – Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now (Joss Stone) – I saw Joss Stone perform at Pride this year and I think she is a very interesting artist. She’s an old soul in a young body. 11 – Glitter in the Air (P!nk) – I love P!nk and I love her new CD. I think this song is really pretty and I just love her voice. 12 - River (Sarah McLachlan) – This is actually a cover of one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs. I love Sarah McLachlan and I think this song is really beautiful. 13 - Spotlight (Jennifer Hudson) – I am big fan of J-Hud and I think this song is a great first single for her. I really love her voice. 14 – American Boy (Estelle Ft. Kanye West) – This artist is from England and I just fell for this song from the start. I think this was another free single from iTunes. 15 – Magic Touch (Robin Thicke Ft. Mary J. Blige) – Robin Thicke is one of my favorite singers – I can’t say why, but I love him – and I love Mary J. Blige even more. 16 – Miles Away (Madonna) – I wasn’t in love with Madonna’s latest CD – sorry, but Nelly Furtado worked with Timberland a few years ago and it sounded just like this. I did like a few of the songs though and this is one of them. 17 – Nothing Fades (Duncan Sheik) – I love his voice – it takes me to a completely different place in my head. In fact, there are times at work when I pull my iPod out and play his stuff to make myself feel better. 18 - Gravity (Sarah Bareilles) – I have been listening to this song almost all year and I just love it so much. It is the song I have listened to the most this year. 19 – My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year) (Regina Spektor) – This is another free iTunes song that I downloaded and I just fell in love with it. It’s simple and her voice is perfect for this arrangement.
Early 1900s: HMS Encounter, later HMAS, in the Fitzroy Graving Dock, Sydney - Photo Cockatoo Island Dockyard [postcard].
Early 1900s: HMS Encounter, later HMAS, in the Fitzroy Graving Dock, Sydney - Photo Cockatoo Island Dockyard [postcard].
733. A basic career sketch and details of HMS/HMAS Encounter were given at pic No.433. A Challenger Class light cruiser assigned to the RN's Australia Station squadron on completion in 1905, she was transferred to the RAN in 1911, becoming its first cruiser. Photo: Cockatoo Island Dockyard works album, it was issued as a postcard. It appears in David Cook's book 'Picture Postcards in Australia 1898-1920' [Pioneer Design Studio, Lilydale, Vic., 1986] p86.

david cook latest album
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