Restoring the Constitution

I took an oath to "defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic."  We've witnessed our elected office holders ignore, undermine, and get away from the very pillar that our country was founded upon.  I will measure every vote by the U.S. Constitution, to ensure that your freedom and the freedom of your future generations are forever secured.

Smaller and Less Intrusive Government

I believe in America, our citizens, and the American Dream.  I believe that WE THE PEOPLE know best how to run our lives rather than any governmental agency or program.  I will work daily to restore your freedoms and liberties as parents, as people who can choose how to worship, and how you choose to take care of your family.

Serving the People

Many of our elected office holders say that they represent our voice, yet their voting record does not coincide with their speech.  After measuring every vote by the Constitution, I will then get YOUR views, opinions, and desires on the same bill.  Every vote will considered through YOUR eyes.

Balance the Budget

You are not able to efficiently provide for your families without balancing your household budget.  Our Federal Government should also be required to exercise the same focus and concern over the PEOPLE'S business.  Spending cuts, elimination of duplicate departments and programs, and reduction in size of government are all a part of this plan.

Liberty and Justice for All

While I do not intentionally intend to offend anyone, I firmly believe that WE The People have should have the freedom to worship, believe, enjoy, in the manner that we see fit as protected by the Constitution.  WE THE PEOPLE will be heard once again.

Term Limits

I believe that hard term limits are desperately needed. By implementing term limits we can keep career politicians who are only interested in money, power, or fame from being elected.  Additionally, eliminating the lifetime pension/benefit plan will help remove long term politician while also making in our Congressional spending.