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Sell Makeup Online

sell makeup online
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Day Thirty Three
Day Thirty Three
365 Self Portraits. Day thirty three. October 23, 2009. Oh boy. What a crazy couple of days. Wednesday I was out from noon to midnight, Thursday was spent running errands all day (including TWO HOURS at the bank) followed by the Ghost Train, I got to bed at 2:30am, and woke at 7:30am this morning to get ready for class. Left the house at 8am, got downtown to the Library at 10:00am, and we spent the next four hours taking turns shooting a bride and groom (models) as lead photographer, assistant photographer, and third stringer. I was really stressed out and unsure about it, being that it was an awful weather day, I'd never been to the place where we were shooting (besides pass by on the street), I missed last week's class due to the flu, and of course there's always pressure when you have to "perform" as a photographer - plus it's the only time in our course that we hire models to work with. On the bright side, the models were incredible, the weather worked to our advantage, I didn't have to shoot first like last time (I was outspoken about that haha), I spent a lot of time chatting with another girl in the class (she assisted me, I assisted her) and I feel like I'm making friends there, AND I'm very, very happy with my photos. Critical, as always, but happy. So today I got home from school at 2pm, did a 200 question online quiz for that job interview I had on Wednesday, went to the auto broker with Greg to put the Ranger in my name and insure it, came home, got changed, put on makeup, and left to see Collective Soul downtown with Ben, Alex, Jessica, and Karl. Now it's 2:40am and guess what - not sleeping yet! I am so, so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Life is busy, but ... busy is good. I guess (if you know me) you're wondering why Greg's Ranger is now in my name. Well, I'm selling my Accent to Greg's mom - and buying the Ranger from Greg with the money from that sale. The Ranger is in my name now, and I've insured it, so it won't be sitting in Ben's driveway anymore not being used. Greg has his Chevy, so he doesn't need the Ranger anymore, and now Greg's mom will have the perfect car for her needs, I'll have a rad little truck that's great in the snow, handy to have, and super reliable - everyone wins!
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sell makeup online