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Benefit Makeup Online

benefit makeup online
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FPC Next Top Model
FPC Next Top Model
FPC's Next Top Models (FNTM) is the search for talented upcoming models who possess, foremost the talent, and secondly, the beauty. FNTM It is divided into 3 major events, discussed in detail below: A. The Go-See Come join the go-see. Signify if you are interested by contacting the numbers on the poster. Then we will schedule you on a Go-See date. The event details are as follows: Age requirement: 18-25 years old Minimum Height: Male - 5' 6"; Female - 5' 2" Exceptions but compensable by other noteworthy features are welcome. What to bring/wear: 1. Photos, 1 close-up and 1 whole body 2. White top, sleeveless or tank 3. Blue Jeans 4. Two-piece swimwear for female only 5. FNTM Form 6. Blank CD-R What to do at the Go-See venue: 1. Submit FNTM Form accompanied with blank CD-R. An in-tray will be provided. Just put on top of the pile. 2. Prepare for short interview. In the interview you will be advised if you passed screening. 3. If you passed screening, prepare for makeup and styling and photoshoot, shirt and jeans for the first round. After shooting, change to swimwear and wait to be called for second photoshoot. 4. Wait to be called to get your CD with the photos. 5. Pay the registration fee of P350. The fee will be used to provide for the photo burning services on the Go-See day; also for makeup, costume and food for future FPC shoots. B. The On-Location Shootouts After the Go-See shoot, the judges will select the top 30 females and top 15 males. We will then post the names of the selection online. "Potentials" may be invited to FPC Tambayan (tm) and other events, such as out-of-town trips, regardless of the outcome of the Search. The "Potentials" will then be further invited to concept "GlamArt" (tm) photoshoots where they will be required to show their talents on on-location concept shoots, the venues of which will be secret and announced via text messaging. They will be scored by the FPC photographers conducting the shoot based on the following criteria: (1) Ability to show proper emotion by facial expression, (2) Projection or overall physical expression, (3) Rapport with photographers and/or other models, including the ability to quickly assimilate learning. "Potentials" will be trimmed down to 20 females and 10 males after the first concept "GlamArt" photoshoot, and finally to 10 and 5 males after the 2nd GlamArt shoot which will be given the title "FPC Models of 2008." C. The Year-Round Shoots The "FPC Models" will enjoy the benefit of being invited to monthly FPC shoots, parties, and trips. They will also receive talent fees on FPC shoots, without a binding exclusive contract. D. The Ultimatum After 12 months, they will compete for the title "FPC Models of the Year" (male and female), the judging of which will be based on the year-round photoshoot and the competition on the awarding date itself. The final competition and awarding will be announced at a later date as a separate event.
Party tonight for Megan's birthday...This is before my hair is done and makeup is on. It's been raining for like 3 days now, I'm quite tired of it. I was kinda in a silly mood when I took this... Not much happening, still talking to Joe, Savannah, everyday, I talk to him. I'm ok with how things are. I don't exactly want to jump from the frying pan into the fire...The sex is definitely better, although just about as infrequent... Good things come to those who wait right? LOL I'm really ok with how it is...I don't have to take it too seriously and there is no pressure. It's perfect, really, for right now, while I get my stuff together. Looking into going to the Art Institute Online for a Bachelors in Photography. All online classes for the whole thing...Just my kind of thing, and I could work at the same time. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about money...It sucks being this broke. I'm still considering disability benefits, since I now have a diagnosis. But I'm not sure those are the "labels" I want to give myself. We shall see.

benefit makeup online