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search make up games
    make up
  • The composition or constitution of something
  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance
  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament
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  • makeup: an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event; "he missed the test and had to take a makeup"; "the two teams played a makeup one week later"
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search make up games - Mousetrap
Build a better mousetrap and you can catch your opponents mouse before yours is caught! As you travel around the board, collect pieces to create your trap, then put it together and start up the whole crazy chain reaction this is no ordinary mousetrap! For 2 to 4 players.

Build a better mousetrap? We dare you. Naturally, the object is to trap mice in the mousetrap, while avoiding getting trapped. By rolling the die, you proceed around the game board, collecting cheese pieces and building a mousetrap bit by bit. Once complete, you set the wheels in motion, as it were, to try to capture the opposition's mice. But this is no ordinary trap. With this contraption you start by turning the crank, that rotates the gears, that push the lever, that moves the shoe, that kicks the bucket, that sends the ball down the stairs and into the gutter, that leads to the rod that releases a second ball, that falls through the bathtub and onto the springboard, that catapults the diver into the washtub, that causes the cage to fall and--whew!--hopefully, capture a mouse. The last "mouse" left uncaptured wins --Alison Golder

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once up a time, there was this little kinky [yet very inappropriate] SMS conversation
once up a time, there was this little kinky [yet very inappropriate] SMS conversation
[based on a true event] Hey -Tif’ :]] um… ok so it was 2am in the morning and i got this SMS from a phone number that was not in my address book, i tried to scan my mind to look up for a Tiffany… um.. searching Facebook buddies… um.. all my resources came up zip.. so i decided to play along. me: Hey: Tiffany? Tif’ :]]: What are you doing? um… i look around.. it’s monday early morning and i cant fucking sleep.. trying to get hours to get by while i do some researching. me: screwing around, u? Tif’ :]]: Ah. Just sitting here watching a scary movie. just to get idea where the hell she’s from.. me: where are u? Tif’ :]]: In my room. Where are you? ok that doesnt help… grilling down my brain again and hope a Tiffany will popup in my mind… Tif’ :]]: Are ya’ gonna be out of state anytime soon? um… based on that info.. so she’s someone i know? meh… * grilling my brain * me: yeah, LV next month then [ making up a place to gone for few years ] Tif’ :]]: Oh really. Why are you going to [this place] for 2 yrs. And maybe fore you leave … well hha. You know -_-||| this better not be a prank.. or whatever this is.. so i deiced to mess around a bit with her. me: that def sounds good to me as for [this exotic place].. [ blah blah blah made up excuses] Tif’ :]]: Ha. Yea. Im happy for you… time to revel the truth me: are u sure u know who this is? O_O Tif’ :]]: Yeah micheal? Right? me: LOL i’m sorry honey u’ve been talking to the wrong guy Tif’ :]]: Really than who is this me: hui, and u are ? Tif’ :]]: Tiffany, isnt this his phone? me: Well um i’ve had this phone for quiet a while now, not sure how u mised it up as his Tif’ :]]: Oh sorry. I didnt know and …. let the game begin me: it’s ok, but is ur offer still good? Tif’ :]]: well i kinda need information? me: well what do u need to know then Tif’ :]]: Ageljust the basics me: In DC for too long and i’m not too old just yet, are u in Ohio? Tif’ :]]: ??? me: what’s the matter dear? Tif’ :]]: Yea’ but you can tell me your age, but let me guess? 23 – 31 me: LOL u are pretty good at guessing, yep 31 Tif’ :]]: Hah I know im good, So are u white|black what? me: asian, ur turn now Tif’ :]]:: white|hispanic me: 24? Tif’ :]]: Huh? me: ur age? Tif’ :]]:16. a long pause…. … … in my head.. it’s screaming * it’s a police scam trying to bust you for having dirty little converstation with underages!! they are just waiting outside and ready to bust your door down, local tv crew is ready make your day yet even worse, perhaps slaping u with some jail time. me: ok… U are def too young for me sorry Tif’ :]]: Oh it’s cool. me: well this def has been one of the most interesting SMS i’ve ever had Tif’ :]]: Aw thanks but you know what would make this more fun? oh she wants to play… fine i will play! let’s see what she got. me: u tell me Tif’ :]]: well are u up for anything? me: sure anything beats nothing Tif’ :]]: well im kinda feelin naughty if ya know what i mean me: just how naughty can u get? Tif’ :]]: so do you want to ? Tif’ :]]: you wanna find out ? me: show me Tif’ :]]: i cant show u but… im touchin myself. grilling her for a pic so i can see what im dealing with here, then again.. it could be a fat police officer sitting behind a monitor getting all naughty with himself. me:alright sorry i dont do this over the sms i’d rather see it for real, got a pic? Tif’ :]]: Ah can you help me? Tif’ :]]: No sorry. i tested the number back with online relay, the other end took 6 rings to finally pick it up, and it was female voice, ok no fat guy. me: nothing?? me: u gotta help me with what u look like Tif’ :]]: i got curly hair hot little body! and im horney as hell me: LOL im sorry i can do this, u sound good as it is, i’d rather see u in person Tif’ :]]: Just this one time please me: i will pass Tif’ :]]: Ok but until then peace me: Take care and use protection!! Tif’ :]]: u2 me: btw what’s ur last name? Tif’ :]]: Brown alas… i cant really make anything out of this… spam adult SMS ? i just hope there isnt any special SMS fee showing up on my next phone bills. until then, ya all behave!
365 Wrap Up Party!
365 Wrap Up Party!
After a couple week hiatus, I picked up the camera again for the BIG party. The Taco Guy” came…….mmmmmmmmm TACOS (in my best Homer Simpson voice), and we had PLENTY of food to go around. As the party goers arrived they were given the remote shutter and ushered over to the “prop box”. Here, they could rummage through various props used throughout the year to wear in their own 365 shot. The setup was similar to the previous party where all of the images were being transferred from the cameras to the network, then streamed to the television; falling into the queue of the already playing 365. Once everyone seemed to settle in the real fun began. My brother came up with awesome scavenger hunt game. We (HE) went around the house; both inside and out noting down objects in plain sight. He comprised the lists in multiple fashions of order and gave each of the five teams a list. Each team had to traverse the confines of the property searching for and taking images of the listed selections. Depending on the difficulty of the find, each item was given a certain number of points ranging from 5 to 30. The more items they found the more points they received. NOW…..the more CREATIVE the image…..the MORE points that were awarded (capped at 5 additional). So with the instructions given; the camera happy mob was released. There were people racing throughout the house franticly searching for items such as the monkey, live plant, duck, bamboo, reflective surface (not a mirror), wooden owl, group on the stairs, and the “EYE IN THE SKY”. After 45 minutes the games was called. The points were tallied and the winners stood VICTORIUS! It’s was really cool as we went through all of the images to see how everyone used their “creative interpretation”. There were a LOT of creative ideas. We originally had 3 point and shoot cameras for use with the game however not one was used. In this day and age EVERYONE has a camera of some fashion. There were DSLR’s, Point and shoots ,and we can’t forget the ever popular….. iPhones. Once that game concluded, we moved on to the new and popular game, “Pin the tie on the HITMAN”. Now I can’t recall having played this games older cousin (the donkey) in quite some years; however it was a lot of fun. We had a huge AGENT 47 poster printed out accompanied by a batch of red paper ties. Out of the 25 people that played, I think all but two drifted off to the right immediately after being spun around. (I’m still a little dizzy!) I have awesome friends and awesome family. Like I’ve stated before; without the support of them both, none of this would have been possible. Thank you again to everyone that played a part in the last year of my life (BIG or small)! You ROCK!

search make up games
search make up games
Search: A Novel of Forbidden History
A nine-thousand-year-old conspiracy. Three families. One secret. The epic race to uncover history’s greatest mystery has begun.

Beneath the sparkling blue water of a remote Pacific atoll, a merciless killer stalks an underwater archaeological dig. His goal: to bring his employer---billionaire industrialist Holden Ironwood---an impossible artifact that proves a lost civilization’s knowledge of astronomy was thousands of years ahead of its time.

At the same time, in the Armed Forces DNA Identification Lab in Maryland, haunted young researcher David Weir risks his freedom to identify a handful of people with nothing in common except their nonhuman genes---genes that he shares.

While in the Arctic tundra, a deadly airborne assault on a pipeline crew propels young paleogeologist Jessica MacClary into the innermost circles of her staggeringly wealthy and powerful family as she learns the astonishing secret her ancestors have defended since the beginnings of recorded history.

Now these three strangers on their separate quests to unlock their pasts are unexpectedly driven into violent collision, only to discover that together they hold the key to answering the ultimate question of humanity’s origins---provided the U.S. Air Force doesn’t stop them first. . . .

Acclaimed New York Times bestselling novelists Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens once again bring their unique blend of relentless suspense and cutting-edge science to a page-turning story of adventure that spans the globe and millennia of human history, racing from long-buried ruins in Cornwall and the casinos of Atlantic City to the forgotten caves that protect a shocking revelation that will tear the veil off the true history of humankind.

With a mystery more profound than Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, and scientific speculation more provocative than Michael Crichton’s Next, Search is an adrenaline-fueled, action-packed thriller that goes beyond wild theories of ancient astronauts and sunken empires to suggest a startling new vision of the birth of human civilization.