Huge makeup collection. Lauren hutton makeup review.

Huge Makeup Collection

huge makeup collection
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  • Huge is the fourth studio album by American alternative rock band Caroline's Spine. Most of the tracks on the album were re-recorded when the band was signed with Hollywood Records for the their fifth album, Monsoon.
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huge makeup collection - Huge
April and Wil couldn't be more different, but both of them are spending the summer at Wellness Canyon -- otherwise known as a weight-loss camp.
April knows that if she could just drop a little weight, she would be popular like she's always wanted. She's saved up for months to afford Wellness Canyon, which is more like a posh spa than a sleepaway camp. While April can't wait to jump into all the activities, Wil can't wait to get out of there. Her parents own a chain of high-profile fitness centers, and she's pretty sure her mom and dad sent her to Wellness Canyon to slim down before any embarrassing stories about their obese daughter hit the gossip pages. To get revenge on her parents, Wil decides she's going to gain weight at Wellness Canyon.
It's bad enough that they have to share a room, but things really get ugly when April and Wil both fall for Colin, the sarcastic camp hottie. Are April and Wil destined to be frenemies all summer, or can they overcome their sizeable differences? Filled with everything great about summer camp (and none of the calories), this is a funny, emotional novel about learning to accept yourself -- no matter what your size.

88% (8)
mac pigments1
mac pigments1
MAC Collection as of Dec 2007: I call this my "Personalized MAC Pigment/Glitter Rack." I have an extremely handy grandfather, Doug, and I approached him in the summer about making me a customized pigment rack. I had searched high and low for one to buy, on eBay and otherwise, but nothing suited my needs (or my wallet). They were either too big or too small, too ugly or too cheap. Since I knew Doug, a woodworker, had made tons of furniture for my family members over the years, I figured a pigment rack would not be out of his range. Of course, he had no idea what the hell a pigment was but he was very willing to make it for me. I wanted something high-quality, sturdy, easily accessible, and something that could withstand my day-to-day use. I wanted to be able to see each pigment colour as well. I gave him a rough blueprint and he ran with it. He measured the cut-outs with an actual pigment jar and I asked for additional spots so that my collection could grow and still fit into the unit. In the pictures, it is not hanging, but it has two hooks so that you can be mounted on a wall. The doors are frosted glass with wood behind, but that is also hard to see in the pictures. I have my glitters on the left panel and any vials I have sit in the pockets on the right, with all of my regular and PRO pigments in the middle. Because it is all wood (I think pine), it is extremely sturdy. It is by far the best part of my make-up collection. I am a huge pigment and glitter collector, and I really needed something customized for this obsession of mine. My grandfather was able to turn the blueprint into a dream come true and I will never be able to repay him. I am so happy with it and it is so much easier picking colours out in the morning now. Before it was a mess because I had so many that I ran out of space for them, and they ended up in Ziploc bags. It took forever to find anything! This solved all of my storage problems. You can even turn the pigments upside down if you rather the label side than going by colour.
Beauty Products
Beauty Products
I'm very low maintance when it comes to skincare. I use an Avene cleanser twice a day, apply Nixoderm or Mario Bedescu buffering lotion when I have a pimples and occasioanlly, DDF sulfur mask when my skin is really bad and needs some serious help. I rarely use sunscreen (it's so bad, I know) but when I do, I use a waterproof sunblock from Shiseido. If I happen to be wearing makeup, I'll cleanse using MAC cleansing oil, it's quite expensive but it's the only oil based cleanser that doesn't break my acne prone skin out. Other than that, I don't do anything. Toners/moisturizers and eyecream are not my kinda thing. Maybe when I'm older I'll need them. I have keratosis (bumpy skin) on my upper arms and legs so I'm trying to improve the appearance by exfoliating regularly and moisturizing daily. Keratosis cannot be cured completely though and tbh, the effects of exfoliation/moisturizing are only temporary. I'm a huge fan of body scrubs and lotion, not just for their cosmetic benefits, but also because I love their delicious scents.

huge makeup collection
huge makeup collection
Disney's Little Einsteins - Our Big Huge Adventure
Get ready to blast off with the premiere of DISNEY'S LITTLE EINSTEINS(TM)! Created by Disney and the award-winning Baby Einstein Company, this all-new movie will take your child on a thrilling musical adventure in the real world in order to complete an important mission and learn along the way. In OUR [BIG] HUGE ADVENTURE, Leo, June, Quincy, Annie, Rocket, and your child will blast off on their first whirlwind adventure that will take the team over Niagara Falls, inside a spooky cave in Oklahoma, and finally to the amazing butterfly forest in Mexico. As a member of the team, your child will sing, clap, pat, dance, and laugh right along with the four Little Einsteins and their musical ship, Rocket, to help complete the mission. Featuring a revolutionary blend of animation, stunning live-action footage, famous works of art, and exciting classical music, LITTLE EINSTEINS will have your child eager to solve the next mission!~~(c) The Baby Einstein Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Little Einsteins and the Little Einsteins logo are trademarks of The Baby Einstein Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved. EINSTEIN and ALBERT EINSTEIN are trademarks of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. All Rights Reserved.

Little Einsteins is an exciting, educational program created by Disney and Baby Einstein that combines animation, real-life photography, and famous music and artwork with instantly likeable characters who have a passion for music and adventure. In this DVD prelude to the Playhouse Disney series (premier October 2005), Leo, June, Quincy, Annie, and Rocket set out to help a little caterpillar find the musical tree of many colors so that it can become a beautiful butterfly. The journey proves complex, but the ever-cheerful group uses their musical knowledge, careful listening skills, and ingenuity to ensure success. Beethoven's famous Ninth Symphony is featured extensively throughout the 61-minute program and viewers ages 3 to 7 are encouraged to sing and clap along as they learn about rhythm, melody, musical terms and careful listening skills. Viewers also delve, quite literally, into the artwork of masters that include Van Gogh and Monet, visit American cities and wildernesses, and get a first-hand look at the amazing butterfly migration down the East Coast of the United States to Mexico. DVD Bonus features include a "Navajo Maze Game" that tests listening skills; "DisneyPedia," a more in-depth look at Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, the cities visited in the program, and the annual butterfly migration; and "Backstage Disney: Meet the Team" with more information about the show's main characters. --Tami Horiuchi