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Wood Makeup Table

wood makeup table
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wood makeup table - Powell Nostalgic
Powell Nostalgic Oak Armoire Vanity
Powell Nostalgic Oak Armoire Vanity
Lovely vanity, adjustable mirror, and bench set is perfect in any room. Center drawer is lined with wipe clean vinyl and is perfect for cosmetics. Six fully lined drawers are divided for rings, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, and cosmetics. Side door swings open to reveal hooks for necklaces of all sizes and lengths. Some assembly required.

Traditional furnishing and modern storage blend seamlessly together with Powell's Nostalgic Oak jewelry armoire vanity set. Crafted of richly grained oak veneer with slender, carved legs and delicately scalloped skirts, this graceful assembly looks as if it has been in the family for generations. Sit at the vanity to apply makeup or add jewelry to the day's outfit, and experience the luxury of a bit of pampering time. Plus, it's wonderful to know that valuables are safely protected from damage and loss--even in the busiest of living spaces.
The set's dressing table offers efficient organization, beginning with six divided drawers stacked vertically down the left side. Use the four smaller drawers for items like rings, broaches, and watches, and fill the two large drawers with scarves and special lingerie. Each drawer opens with a sculpted gold knob and is luxuriously lined with black rayon. Another drawer with a hinged pull sits to the right and offers an easy-to-clean vinyl interior for cosmetics. On top of the armoire, the large oval mirror perches on a shapely stand and tilts up and down. For necklaces and chains, open the side pocket door to access a row of sturdy metal hooks. The accompanying bench seat features a softly hued floral print cushion for a romantic finish. The vanity measures 36 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 51 inches high. The bench measures 18-1/2 inches wide by 14-1/2 inches deep by 17-1/2 inches high. Some assembly is required. --Kara Karll

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Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny
Can't believe I never posted this one before (or that in my Lightroom catalogue I gave it 2 stars...). Nahide dressed as a playboy bunny on a dissection table. Model: Nahide mm#1536192 Location: Harold Wood mortuary Makeup: Rachel Newman / Jenny Collins Inspiration: it just kind of happened. Plus a bit of Donny Darko Lighting: Lencarta Safari with beauty dish and grid to camera right Going back to Harold Wood soon for more fun. This time with a plan.
Fixing her hair and wearing makeup really doesn't agree with Sarah. At the end of the night she always ends up in a fetal position wearing fuzzy socks.
Fixing her hair and wearing makeup really doesn't agree with Sarah.  At the end of the night she always ends up in a fetal position wearing fuzzy socks.
Not much to do with this shot, my Panasonic TZ3 pretty much destroyed it with noise filtering. I really don't miss that. I could fix a lot of this in photoshop, but the in camera correction slaughtered it pretty bad. Posted as a cautionary tale for perspective TZ3 owners?

wood makeup table
wood makeup table
Vanity Table - Flip Top Vanity - vanity; wood vanity table; makeup vanity table
Vanity Table - Flip Top Vanity - This sleek contemporary vanity set will be a welcome addition to your master bedroom or dressing area. The vanity has a generously sized table top for all of your essentials with two small drawers for frequently used items like make-up and hair care products. A beveled edge mirror flips up in the center adding depth and light to your room while helping you get ready for your day. Square tapered legs support the piece all in a deep Cappuccino finish accented with simple silver tone metal knobs. The matching stool has the same slick tapered legs with a soft neutral fabric covered seat for comfort and elegance. Place this vanity set in your bedroom for a quick style update and a huge dose of functionality. Dimensions: Vanity:40'W x 29'D x 30'-44'H Stool:18'W x 14'D x 17'H