Pictures Of Makeup Tips. Make Up Forever Mist And Fix.

Pictures Of Makeup Tips

pictures of makeup tips
  • Describe (someone or something) in a certain way
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  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance
  • The composition or constitution of something
  • cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
  • an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event; "he missed the test and had to take a makeup"; "the two teams played a makeup one week later"
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Day #19 [08.29.08] Ugh.
Day #19 [08.29.08] Ugh.
i'm not pleased with today. it seemed like such a waste of a day to me. School was mundane, although i'm really liking my Ethics class... Biology succeeding in confusing me further, and the time in between seeing a few friends was pleasant. Yet, coming home and going to lunch with my mom was a bad idea, cause now here i am, laying on the floor in front of my laptop refusing to move for fear that i will get sick again. she says its food poisoning. i say its death part one. i still have clothes to fold (the whole chair behind me in the picture is full of clothes to do just that with), homework in every class, and i already called out of work today. this is turning out just LOVELY. oh... and since my car's attempt to die has failed... now my phone has taken it's place and is trying to blow up and die. I may just kill it instead but that means i have to pay for a new one. sorry for the webcam shot. i'm sick. i dont care. update: Crossing off as i go. haha History II Biology English Ethics Statistics but while looking through my computer, i found my poetry. here's a sample. I lay upside down in my bed once again. Thinking of you as my muscles ease. My body begins to tense, but it cools as I drift with my eyes half-closed. Feeling you against my flesh, soon Goosebumps rise. I lick my lips and purr softly in the back of my throat. I miss you darling. Today has been so long. So tiresome, so weary. All I have is the dark and your promises whispering against my spine. In these moments before I close my eyes to sleep. You capture me within my thoughts, and I can't move. Can't think. Can't breathe. I rub my eyes and rock softly against the sheets. Kneading my fingers into the blankets as I sigh softly. How much I've come to love you. How far we journeyed. Just when I think its time to just rest, another adventure rocks me back and forth. I feel the sunken cracks under my eyes. And I smile softly because I need you so damn much. I haven't slept right since you told me you loved me. I haven't felt the same since I gave you my all. There is nothing in me that doesn't belong to you. That I don't cherish because you love it so. I trace my finger-tips over my mouth. You tell me my smile makes you feel alive. It makes me want to smile more, until I'm bursting with an unidentified joy. Even in the vast places of sorrow, I take the time to appreciate your love, how much you have shown you cared. When was the last time I reasoned I needed your flesh. Sometimes I just want to be taken over by a sex-drive. To quench my many thirsts. You're the well that keeps on giving. A dream that keeps on becoming more real. Never have I known love to be worth fighting for so hard. But you make it so. In this moment where my thighs hang in the air, as my heels are placed against the wall. I think of your embrace around me, and our legs wrapped around the others, your hand over my heart, mine over yours. As our lips part and take everything, and return it all. Something more makes my heart thump tonight. Something makes me feel insecure, worried. But I do not try and fret. It seems years ago when I was that dorky girl, and you the mischievous geek. Not even I thought you of that then. You were the mystery man. The darkness in my dreams, the desire rising in the back of my throat. I have walked the path of my life; to reach you. To be yours forever. Sometimes I just want us to be a fairy-tale. To close my eyes and all my dreams come true on the wishing stars. But its harder than that, you have to fight more than that. Your words swirl around me and give me a protective cocoon. I haven't felt safe lately, but if I grasp the thought of you tight enough. I know things will be okay. No longer do I look over tomorrow. I just have to live today, and hope you follow. When was the last time I told you I loved you. Without heartbreak, without woe. Without wanting to scream until my lungs bleed. But love; its everything. All the emotions wrapped in one. I feel like a child. A child that can't find they're way until you wrap your arms around me. In this moment. When my heartbeat drums against my ears, but I can't hear it. I can't understand why it hurts for it to pound so tremendously. I know, you are my everything. More then ever before. How is it possible? That you always make me fall even more harder. Even with flaws and perfections. You are everything I could want in this world. I'll be dreaming of you tonight. Mending my heart, and soothing my soul. As I feel safe and comforted in my dream land. If only for a little bit. If only for a while. Before this day becomes difficult. So many times you tell me not too worry. The concern wrapped up in your voice makes my heart ache. Makes a lump grow in my throat. My dearest darling love. For your life; for ours. I shall always worry. Shall always be consumed with
Step Three: Apply makeup
Step Three: Apply makeup
WARNING! You’ve probably seen dead people with pure white all over and giant black circles around the eyes. These people are skeletons. The undead are not pure white. I can not stress to you to apply as little makeup as you can, then apply more as needed. it’s like when you’re cooking. You can add an ingredient a bit at a time, slowly adding more till it’s perfect. But add too much and you can never get it back. Makeup is the same way. I said it before and will repeat it: Less Is More. Preferably using a makeup sponge, take a small amount of white makeup and dot it at various spots on your face. Do not apply it to the liquid latex. Smear it in downward strokes. A little goes a long way. You do not want to be able to see white makeup. You want a deathly pallor. You may want to mix a touch of black or blue to make it a very pale blue or light grey. In the picture you can see I’ve got a hint of white. If you have facial hair you have to repeatedly stroke the paint to ensure it gets to the skin and doesn’t just collect on your stubble. You want pasty skin not middled aged grey facial hair. Once you’ve applied the white, mix some white and black in a small bowl or cup or on a paper towel. You want a medium grey color. Using a q-tip apply some in a VERY SMALL dose around the eyes and underneath the neckline. You can use straight black, but I don’t recommend this. I find grey is a far better color because you’re going to be enhancing the shadows and black usually looks... off. Grey looks more natural to me, but this is just my opinion. You may also want to apply a little bit under the nostrils in the mustache area.

pictures of makeup tips