How to have natural makeup - Best makeup tricks.

How To Have Natural Makeup

how to have natural makeup
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Natural Lighting Portrait - Isabella
Natural Lighting Portrait - Isabella
Today what I am going to talk about is how to use natural lighting for the portraiture work. I am a fan of natural lighting. Do you know that this is taken in the kitchen near the sink & window?? You can see that the right hand side is more window light!! The sink is on the waist line of the model. I could have put a reflector or tower on the left bottom , however, I use the limited space & the refrigerator on the left to reflect the soft side light. The camera is mounted with her stocking so as to give the soft effect of the image. That also reduce the aging lines on her face. In my personal opinion, makeup should not be too strong. I prefer light tocuh up then strong cosmetic on the model. Photographing people is more complicated than the flowers & food... You need to make model relax & portrait her non verbal communications, that is body & facial language naturally. It is important to maintain the professional ethic in the whole project or assignment. The amateur model shooting , I recommend that you let her lok away from you so that she could bring out her natural self!! Thanks you for visiting & support. I always appreciate you!!
Leafy - Miso Makeups
Leafy - Miso Makeups
Uhh... Definately not all the makeups, not even close but here are some just so you can see. The two toned ones come with/without the color on the lips. I'll have Freckle/No Freckle options.. I'm assuming i'll do Light brow/Dark Brow. If I have enough time i might do 2 options per skin but we'll see how much time i have. --- Probably in total will have 4-5 Tones. I've taken out the darkest in my previous post and replaced it with a lighter tone but its still fairly dark, a more natural dark. Still working on lip colors and what not but makeups by far have been my fav thing to do. The body is still under way and its kinda sorta almost finished but still needs fixing..

how to have natural makeup