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Corpse Bride Make Up

corpse bride make up
    corpse bride
  • Corpse Bride (often known as Tim Burton's Corpse Bride) is a 2005 musical stop-motion-animation fantasy film directed by Mike Johnson and Tim Burton. It is set in a fictional Victorian era village in Britain.
  • The Tim Burton's Corpse Bride soundtrack, written by Danny Elfman with the help of John August, contains the music, including all of the songs, from the 2005 film.
    make up
  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament
  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance
  • The composition or constitution of something
  • constitute: form or compose; "This money is my only income"; "The stone wall was the backdrop for the performance"; "These constitute my entire belonging"; "The children made up the chorus"; "This sum represents my entire income for a year"; "These few men comprise his entire army"
  • makeup: an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event; "he missed the test and had to take a makeup"; "the two teams played a makeup one week later"
  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed
corpse bride make up - Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride Victoria Wedding Dress Collector's Doll
Corpse Bride Victoria Wedding Dress Collector's Doll
Created by the Japanese manufacturer Jun Planning, this Corpse Bride Victoria collector's doll is sure to delight fans worldwide! Director Tim Burton was so enthralled with Jun Planning's work on The Nightmare Before Christmas dolls that he personally requested Jun to produce another collection of dolls for Corpse Bride. Victoria measures 16' tall and is extremely articulated, and featuring a wonderfully sculpted head (almost a 100% re-creation of the original model used in the film), and comes with a detailed cloth costume. This is one of the few depictions of the Victoria characer in her wedding dress, so collectors will want to get one of these beauties while they last! Each doll comes packaged in a unique window box.

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Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride
World Record for dancing zombies, Nottingham 2008.
Corpse Bride make up
Corpse Bride make up
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corpse bride make up