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Applying Airbrush Makeup

applying airbrush makeup
    airbrush makeup
  • Airbrush makeup is designed to be applied with the same airbrush technology used for traditional painting and automotive work. The airbrush systems designed for makeup are usually smaller, and work at lower pressure.
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applying airbrush makeup - Multi-purpose Airbrush
Multi-purpose Airbrush Kit with Mini Compressor, Dual-action Gravity Feed Airbrush and Air Hose
Multi-purpose Airbrush Kit with Mini Compressor, Dual-action Gravity Feed Airbrush and Air Hose
This Multi-Purpose Airbrush Kit are perfect for drawing, painting, cake decorating, cosmetics, nail art, tanning, temporary tattoos, auto-body works, crafts and many other hobbies.

Feature Infos:
- Condition: Brand new
- Excellent system for all levels of users. Ideal for cosmetic, crafts and hobbies.
- Quite and durable mini compressor. Portable light weight and easy to carry around.
- Made with high quality precision components that enable the airbrush to work efficiently while providing exceptional atomization and accurate spray control.

C1-08BLK Mini Air Compressor:
- High quality, Durable, Light-weight and Portable.
- Maintenance free, Oil-less and Quiet.
- Suitable for Airbrush dia 0.2~0.5mm, ideal for Make up, Cosmetic and Hobbies.
- Air Flow: 10.5 Liters per minute.
- Pressure Adjustable.
- Start at 2 psi, Stop at 15 psi and Max at 25 psi.
- Energy Saving: The compressor will built up the pressure and stop when not spraying.
- Internal hot protection device, the compressor will auto cut off the power when its about to over heat, and reset after the motor cool down.
- 360 Degree Airbrush Holder, for your convenient.
- Includes: 6ft Air Hose with air-proof rubber, 1/8" connector.
- Includes: AC Transformer Adapter with 6ft Power Cord
- Input Power: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.6A (US standard)

C2-30A Gravity Feed Dual-Action Airbrush:
- Multi-Purpose High Performance Airbrush.
- Dual-action trigger air control.
- Nozzle: 0.3mm
- Gravity Feed: 7cc Fluid Cup with lid.
- Easy fluid refills and easy cleaning.
- Durable stainless steel.
- Hose Connector: 1/8" with removable cover.
- Includes: 2cc Eye Dropper for easy fluid refills.
- Includes: Nozzle Spanner
- Includes: Portable storage case for the Airbrush, Spanner and Eye Dropper.
- Dimension: 5.5" x 3.25" x 0.35"

81% (9)
Why do I get the awful feeling that I will eventually see this as someone's icon on Xanga or Livejournal? Don't steal!! Ahahahahaha, wow. This is so unlike anything I usually do...but I suppose it's good to experiment. :P Pretty much all the makeup (excluding the lips and my mascara) was applied in Photoshop. An ode to my abysmal cosmetic skills in real life. Seriously, if styling was a vitamin, I would be fatally deficient. But yes. Enjoy the extreme airbrushing and cheating with Photoshop! Pffft, if you look at the catchlights in my eyes close enough you can see how I took this picture. :/ And yes, I'm still staying away from the internet for a bit longer.
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Ivory 001
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Ivory 001
Photo left side has Revlon PhotoReady Foundation applied to it. (Applied with basic wedge makeup sponge) My thoughts: -It is pretty good coverage, depending on how much you put on. -Airbrushed, from farther away photos, yes. Closeups? Not so much. -Looks better on camera than in real life. Was a bit dry for my tastes. Might be better with freshly washed/moisturized skin. -Looks better with the PhotoReady Translucent powder. My conclusion: -I think I might use this foundation for photoshoots, or any time in general I'm going to be in front of a camera with harsh lighting. -Otherwise, for everyday use or normal lighting, I think I'll stick to my Covergirl.

applying airbrush makeup
applying airbrush makeup
Belloccio Cosmetic Makeup Airbrush Multi-Purpose Precision Gravity Feed Airbrush with a 0.4mm Tip and 1/16 oz Cup
Designed for airbrushable makeup, but can also be used for: Temporary Tattoos, Cake Decorating, Fine Art, Nail Art, Hobbies, Crafts, Auto Graphics & More! Hose Connection for Dual-Action: Push on Rubber Surgical Hose or to a Hose End with a 1/8" Fitting. 1/16th oz Funnel Shaped Gravity Cup and 0.4 mm Needle/Nozzle. Spray Pattern: Hairline to 2.5" Wide. 5-50 PSI Working Pressure. Made with High Quality Precision Components that enable this airbrush to work efficiently while providing exceptional atomization and accurate spray control. Multi-Purpose Usage, as it works well with most paint media and applications. The Comfortable Balanced Feel enables use in Production Spray Environments. The Solvent Resistant Teflon Needle Packing prolongs the airbrushes life; enables you to use of Solvent Based Automotive Paints: Urethanes, Lacquers and Enamels. Removing the Needle and Nozzle Caps enable you to spray the full range of texture and stippling effects. Airbrushing your makeup is the only way to achieve that perfect flawless natural look seen on hollywood celebrities and models! It's also the quick and easy way to apply your makeup. The airbrush provides an ultra fine mist that gives you a flawless, soft natural complexion.