Doha, Qatar



Setting the stage

The Objectives of the Al Maha School for Boy’s PTA


1. To be goodwill ambassadors for the school.

2. To be a fundraising body for school projects.

3. To be responsible for organising  social events for the children, parents and the local community.

4. To be responsible for providing a support role to the school when the wider community is involved.


- The main aims of the PTA are to provide support to the school, to help to improve conditions, facilities and the social environment for the children of Al Maha School.

- PTA to fund raise for a particular project, which is decided upon at the beginning of each school year.

- Proceeds from fund raising events throughout the school year will be donated to that project, or can be diverted to any other scheme as requested by the principal, and voted upon by the committee.

- PTA to organise fun events throughout the year for the children's enjoyment, and which are alo funded by the PTA.


PTA members

 PTA names’ list
31th January 2007)

Mohammed Kakil

Issa Naser

Ahmad Khalid Al-Ansari

Baha’uddin Mahmoud

Omar Bashar Sa’ada

Abdulhameed Mahmoud

Mhammed Talal Mohd. Derweesh

Mansour Yousif Al-Mansouri

Ahmad Issa Al-Naser

Fahad Al-Khuzai

Mohammed Al-Marri

Al-Waleed Al-Ghamdi

Abdulrahman Al-Kilani

Abdulla Saad Marafi