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Tip Top Flower Girl

tip top flower girl
    flower girl
  • A woman or girl who sells flowers, esp. in the street
  • Wedding ceremony participants, also referred to as the wedding party are the people that participate directly in the wedding ceremony itself.
  • a young girl who carries flowers in a (wedding) procession
  • A young girl who carries flowers or scatters them in front of the bride at a wedding; a child bridesmaid
  • a woman who sells flowers in the street
    tip top
  • Fonterra Brands (Tip Top) Ltd or commonly known simply as Tip Top ice cream, is a subsidiary of the Fonterra Co-operative Group based in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • A guide for the fly line with a small cylinder attached that fits over the end of the fly rod.
  • Of the very best class or quality; excellent
  • to the highest extent; "the shoes fit me tip-top"
tip top flower girl - Bosch 85672M
Bosch 85672M Router Bit Carbide Tip 1/2-inch x 1 1/4-inch Straight with Top Bearing 1/4 Shank
Bosch 85672M Router Bit Carbide Tip 1/2-inch  x 1 1/4-inch Straight with Top Bearing 1/4 Shank
Bosch 85672M Carbide Tipped Top Bearing Mounted Straight / Trim BitBosch Power Tools and Accessories is one of the divisions within the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, which is one of the largest power tool and accessory manufacturers in the world. Bosch provides a complete line of corded and cordless power tools and accessories engineered to survive any jobsite and allow professionals to take control of their work.Bosch 85672M Carbide Tipped Top Bearing Mounted Straight / Trim Bits Features:; Micrograin bits with top mounted ball bearing that ride against templet for pattern routing.; Carbide Tipped Top Bearing Mounted Straight/Trim Bit ; Item #85672M; A. Overall Diameter: 1/2"; B. Cutting Edge Length: 1-1/4"; C. Shank Diameter: 1/4"; D. Overall Length: 2-3/4"

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INTERVIEW WITH YOKO ONO November 1984 New York City Q: We crossed out death on our list. YO: Yes, we have rather exhausted that subject, I think. I'm not going to say "no" to any issue. In other words, don't worry about it, it just scared me when I saw the list, but you know, if you just ask me naturally, it doesn't hurt me. It will be like a Rorschach test. When you say something, something comes to my head, I'll say it-so don't worry. Q: Okay, the first subject area is music and art, and the basic question is, what do you think the sources and/or purposes of music are? YO: Well, all right - I can only talk about myself. I don't know what the purpose of music is, but I know what the purpose of music is for me. For me it's a way of expressing myself-and sharing my feelings with other people. And I think that, basically, because I'm a shy person - which will never be believed - I'm not very good at, or shall we say I'm awkward in expressing my true feelings to people-whether it's to one, or the world. And it comes easier for me when I do it in music. And that's how I do it. Q: Obviously, at some point there must have been a decision on your part or a sudden revelation that it was music that was your way of expressing yourself? YO: To tell the truth, I'll tell you the truth, when I was four years old my mother sent me to school where you got the perfect pitch and piano lessons, one of those schools where a first assignment was to compose a song. And my old classmate ... I bumped into her on the street in Japan much later, and she said, "Hey, I still have your song:' And I said, "What song?" You know, I was thinking that maybe she got my record or something. She said, "No no, when you composed it, you know, in school when you were four years old:' "Wow, could I have it?" I said. Of course, I never got it from her. I was writing songs, just as all the other children were, it's nothing special, and they used to have, once a month or something, a show for the parents - they used to have a little concert for parents to come see how their children were doing. And I was so nervous before I went on the stage, I started to have this strange tummy ache, and I threw up. I went on the stage, and I came back, and I threw up again. I remember that. I was particularly small- many physical aspects of me they always think of as a Japanese thing, but not necessarily, I was even small for a Japanese and so this tiny thing comes on stage and starts to sort of climb up on the chair to try playing the piano-of course it's funny, so they all laughed you know. But the thing is, I took it as an offense, you know what I mean Oh, they're laughing at me. These days when I see a two-year-old saying something so cute I try to control myself not to laugh because, I mean, they take it differently you know. Why are they laughing at me? So I remember specifically that I was feeling terribly embarrassed because everybody was laughing, and I was playing the piano. It started then. It was not my decision, in a way. I continued the piano lessons until my father, who's actually an incredible pianist-was an incredible pianist-and it was when I was twelve or thirteen. I was too shy to play the piano in front of my father because he's a good pianist, but I wanted to tell him how I was progressing, so when he was in a room, I would go and play in the next room just to let him know that I was working. One day I was playing the piano, and I heard my father say to my mother, "She's never going to make it as a pianist:' And I thought, "He's right:' He was quite disappointed because, well, my father had made an appearance as a pianist, and he got good reviews and all. Well, I don't care if he got good reviews or not but the main thing was he was a brilliant pianist, and when he was about twenty-one, I think, his father died, and in the will the wishes were that my father would not become a pianist but would go into banking as his father had. And that's a heavy trip. So anyway, he became a banker instead, and he's one of those pianists who's always playing the piano at home. When I was born, my father wanted me to be a pianist so badly. I was the first born, didn't matter if it's a girl or a boy. So he'd be sort of looking at my fingers and asking me to do this or do that, trying to see if I had good hands for a pianist. It was like that from the beginning. When I was fourteen, I made a big announcement that I wanted to be a composer not a pianist, and my father was listening very carefully, very silently, and said, "Hmm - well I think that's a mistake:' I said, "Oh, why?" Not only had I mustered my courage to announce that I'm not going to be a pianist, but I want to be a composer! He's one ofthose very classic persons, believes in the three big Bs, you know, Brahms, Bach and Beethoven, and all three
As you all know, today is the DEADLINE for auditions! Sorry if you couldn’t get your photo in on time! The finalized roster: 1. Dashn98 with Nicki Minaj (Star Singerz Sasha) 2. chocliteluvr4evas with Mercedes (2010 Party Sasha) 3. Xx-connor_hime-xX with Jade (GRR Jade) 4. reecescups with Hailey Anderson (Phoebe) 5. Kein Engel ^Li'l Angel girl^ with Angelina (WWW Fianna) 6. lostfromreality with Fillon (Wildlife Yasmin) 7. alexbabs1 Ciara Aquila (XPress It! Ciara) 8. TheUltimateGleek! with Ashlyn (Bratz Play Sportz Hip Hop Yasmin) 9. PLUUG IN BAAABY with Rihanna Moore (2010 Basic Jade) 10. Josh's Tribe with Lilee Rivera (Bratz Rock Jade) 11. Forever Dolls with Malaya (Bratz Rock Yasmin) 12. dollsrmylife™ with Blyss (2010 Basic Cloe) 13. SUPAHFATTYLUSIOUS with Amber (2009 Party Yasmin) 14. LIBS World with Johanna Carter (Adventure Girls Yasmin) 15. BratzSwedish with Kennedy Kay Adams (Flower Girlz Cloe) 16. LouisaWalsh with Joelle Armon 17. Blake¦'s Dolls with Isabella Garcia I was so glad to see all of your audition photos!!! The top THREE Audition photos are pictured above! (No one is being eliminated now: these are still just the auditions.) * NOTE * – These photos were judged individually as photos, and judgement was not influenced by who did them or what doll they used. THIS IS A PHOTO CONTEST, not a popularity contest. ^_^ 1. reecescups with Hailey Anderson Your picture packs so much PUNCH and PASSION!!! The colors are amazing, and pop right out at you! The dramatic angling is very eye-catching, and Hailey’s windswept hair makes me feel swept away by her beauty!!! 2. LIBS World with Johanna Carter Your picture is incredibly edgy!!! The combination of hardlight and bold shadow gives it a dark, dirty feel. The background is creative, the pose is AH-MAZING, and the combination of drastic angle, pose, hairstyle, and outfit really makes a statement for this girl—“I’m hot, I’m hard, I’m dirty and sexy, and I don’t care what anyone thinks because I know I’m FABULOUS!” 3. PLUUG IN BAAABY with Rihanna Moore Your picture is dark, mysterious, and alluring! When I look at your photo, I can smell rain in the air! This could definitely be in a magazine. The rough and edgy lighting is what makes this photo alluring; an atmosphere that exudes cold and gloomy beauty, and a model that says “Hey, I’m chill… and I’m hot. ;D ” TIPS FOR FUTURE PHOTOS! 1. Lighting! Try to use more natural light in photos rather than a flash—it gives the photo a clearer appearance and smoother feel, whereas a photo with flash gives the photo a clunky, artificial feel. 2. Focus! Make sure we can clearly SEE the subject of your photo! Sharpness and clarity in photos brings the viewer closer to the subject! Selective focus is alluring as well—while your model’s face is clear and near, the background could go on forever with a little blur! 3. Editing! Don’t be shy about perking up your pictures to make them POP! The best fashion photos in the world always have a little help! But BEWARE: TOO much editing can spoil a beautiful shot! ROUND 1 will be announced shortly! Get ready, models and photographers!!! Can’t wait to see what you guys will have for me next!!!

tip top flower girl
tip top flower girl
Tip Top Tally
Embark on a mathematical adventure by adding and subtracting dice numbers. Race your penguins to the top of the mountain. Oops! Watch out for Slippery Slide and Icy Icicle. Land on a Tip Top Tally Card and win a free turn or take a shortcut across Creaky Crevasse. Be the first penguin to reach the Tip Top and you win! Players can change the game board each time they play Evens and Odds. 4 levels of play so children of different abilities can have fun playing! Includes 1 Game Board, 4 Penguin Game Pieces, 2 Number Dice and 1 Operation Die, 20 Tip Top Tally cards, 6 Even/Odd Markers, 12 Snowball Counters, 1 Thermometer Number Line & Penguin Fun Facts. 2-4 players