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flowers hong kong delivery
    hong kong
  • A special administrative region on the southeastern coast of China, a former British dependency; pop. 6,850,000. The area comprises Hong Kong Island, ceded by China in 1841; the Kowloon peninsula, ceded in 1860; and the New Territories, additional areas of the mainland that were leased for 99 years in 1898. All were returned to China in 1997. Hong Kong has become one of the world's major financial and manufacturing centers
  • British Hong Kong refers to Hong Kong under British rule from 1841 to 1997.
  • formerly a Crown Colony on the coast of southern China in Guangdong province; leased by China to Britain in 1842 and returned in 1997; one of the world's leading commercial centers
  • Hong Kong is a live album by Jean Michel Jarre, and released in 1994 on Disques Dreyfus, licensed to Polydor.
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Hong Kong ??
Hong Kong ??
Here is another photo that I taken from Hong Kong. I was so excited when I was on top of the peak had a overview of Hong Kong. And I was so lucky there wasn't foggy that day. Because I heard people said, sometimes it will all covered by fog and you can't see anything. However, I was lucky enough the weather was pretty good when i was there... I've actually posted this photo when I first joined flickr.. but my processing skill wasn't good enough and there is date on the photo (Because I didnt know what is Crop about~~~ hahaha). So in this one, I used HDR to enhanced the details, and then used Picasa to do a bit of processing again... and the result came out quite good i think... I don't know how to get rid of the date, so I just cropped it!
Hong Kong pollution at night
Hong Kong pollution at night
Another shot of the pollution in Hong Kong. An otherwise lovely shot from Kowloon towards Hong Kong Island - spoiled by the cloud of pollution that was there most of my stay.

flowers hong kong delivery