Upcoming Events/Activities

Shahadat Competition: Final Shahadat Musabaqat will be held in Washington DC 28th/29th Shawwal ul Mukarram 1438H22nd /23rd July 2017. Local Madrasa level Musabaqat will be held on 24th Shabanul Karim 1438H / 20th May 2017.
Madrasa Farzando that have achieved Juz Amma Hifz and given Ikhtebar up to Moharram 1438H will receive Sikka on Urus Raat / Friday Night 19mi Rajab 1438H.


Parents are requested to drop off farzando prior to 9:00am & pickup after classes at 3:30pm (but not during classes). Other activities such as marasiya practice, etc. will be held from 3:30-4:30pm (optional).
All farzando should attend Budhwar Madrasah and also Barnamajul hifz.

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