To make a superb wine you need two things, soil and climate, in Almaden valley, Santa Clara County we have both. In particular, the rocky clay soil that makes the vines struggle hence produce excellent quality fruit. 
Almaden Valley experiences wide temperature swings between day and night, as much as 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s one of the many reasons why Almaden Valley is such an ideal place to grow fine wine grapes. The heat of day promotes ripeness and sugar development in the grapes. The cooler nights help the grapes retain acidity and freshness, resulting in beautifully balanced flavors

Our vineyard is not organic certified but it follows strictly organic methods. Wild California flowers and grasses are planted in the middle rows to attract beneficials such as ladybugs.

 The winemaking process used methods such as extended maceration where the wine is fermented for an extended period of time on the skins to extract the maximum color and all the goodness that comes in the grapes skins. The wine is aged for two years before bottling and spends a minimum of one year in oak barrels.

 Our wines are not fined nor filtered as we believe those methods remove goodness out of the wine.

 We let nature and gravity do it’s job of clearing the wine over time

 Since our first harvest in 2008, we have been making handcrafted, small lot Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese wines. Our constant goal is to create a memorable experience every time our wine is served.