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How to Freeze Fresh Sweet Corn

1.  Husk and clean corn, removing all silk hairs.

2.  Get out a large stockpot and fill over half full with water, bring to a rolling boil.

3.  Get out another large bowl, fill with cold water and ice.

4.  Get out one last large bowl, set a smaller bowl upside down in that bowl, and if you have it an electric knife {makes cutting off the cob so easy, but a regular large knife will work too.}

5.  Get out plastic Ziploc bags or if you have it use Foodsaver storage bags {that is what I used.}

6.  Place 5-6 ears of corn into the boiling water.  Water should come back up to a boil within a minute {if not, you've added too much corn}.

7.  Boil for 6 minutes.

8.  Remove corn and immediately put into the large bowl of ice water.  Leave in there for 6 minutes.

9.  Remove from the ice water and place on a clean try or towel.

10.  Holding the corn cob on the small over-turned bowl, inside the bigger bowl, use electric knife to cut off the corn.

11.  Place 2 c. of corn into each baggie {can do more or less, but this is what I did.}  Push down to let air escape and seal bag or place into your Foodsaver system, suck out the air and seal.

12.  Mark baggie with the date and freeze.

I did see many recipes that added sugar and salt to their corn, but I opted out of that.  I just wanted to keep it fresh.  When I tasted the corn it seemed super sweet, so I just kept it in its natural state. I also recommend having plenty of ice on hand, as you will need to replace it after each batch.  That hot corn tends to melt it!