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Cheese Tortellini Tomato Soup

28 oz. can crushed tomatoes

4 c. chicken stock

2 T. butter

1 onion, finely diced

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 T. dried basil

1 t. salt

1 t. pepper

8 oz. packaged cheese tortellini

1. In a heavy stock pot or dutch oven, I use this cast iron version, melt the butter over medium heat.

2. Add in the onion and cook until translucent. Add in the minced garlic and saute for another 30 seconds.

3. Pour in the broth, tomatoes and seasonings and bring to a boil. Once boiling, turn down the heat to medium-high and add in the tortellini pasta. Put the lid on and cook 10-12 minutes or until the pasta is tender.

4. Serve warm with grilled cheese sandwiches.