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Doctor Who Recommendations (by Biichan)


 January 27th, 2009: Page updated. Added 7 recs in gen, het, slash, and femslash.

 February 11th, 2008: Page created. Added 7 recs in gen, het, slash, mixed, and crossovers.

My name is Biichan and I rec Doctor Who fanfiction: oldskool, newskool, slash, het, gen, and everything in between. livii persuaded me that there's a distinct dearth of Doctor Who rec sites, so here I am. I'll be sorting the recs by genre and updates will be noted here on the main page.

Gen Recs (7, 4 new)

Femslash Recs (1, 1 new)

Het Recs (2, 1 new)

Slash Recs (2, 1 new)

Mixed Recs (1)

Crossover Recs (1)


(Doctor Who is owned by the BBC et al. The stories belong to their respective authors. Please leave feedback if you enjoyed them.)