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Always remember the value of words and placing them correctly. A man may love to get a John Deere, but he does not want a Dear John .

Writing Communities
(Free membership sites; some have upgrade options that are not required.)
Daydream Reading: This is a new site to showcase writing. It is not a traditional community, but has promise.
Forward Motion: This site has chat options for writers. The chat is separate from the forum. Their are different rooms, but usually only one is in use. It also has forums, but I have found little interest in the forums beyond helpful website links.
Hatrack River: The Official Website of Orson Scott Card: This site has a bulletin board set up. I am checking it out. Please note that it does require being 18. I also am unsure by the open bulletin board how copyrights are protected. I am posting this link because it is associated with Orson Scott Card who has a book on writing science fiction that I read some time back. He is known for Ender's Game.
Krypton Studios: This is a new forum for writers and artists. It has promise and needs great people to be great.
Legendfire: This site has a point system for initiative. It has challenges by members, and a daily prompt. Its has basic chat. It does not have a personal page to post one's writing, but does have poet and story forums to present writing for peer review.
National Novel Writing Month: This site is a good motivator. The goal is to write a fifty thousand word story in one month. It focuses on quantity first. (And hopefully quality through revision.)
Protagonize: This site has a different view on writing. A person starts a novel, or a series concept, and other members write additional chapters, or pieces. It is fun, but obviously there would be questions about copyrights about anything posted.
Script Frenzy: This is a comparable challenge to NaNoWriMo but for Scripts. I believe its the same group, but I am not sure.
Today's Writing Community: My experience with this site was not pleasant. It was not very active. The site TOS has questionable parts. It requires reviewing people's poetry and stories in order to be able to post. Which is good in theory. But I couldn't find enough to review to post. I will end by saying I no longer have an account; I think I was booted since all my posts are gone with the account. This site was referred from Yahoo Answers. I looked over site. It has a very short TOS which is not always good. When I went to sign up, the only language choice was "British English." I am not comfortable with English variations other than American and chose not to join. It said something about free editing services as a reward for reviews. Sounds good, but I would be careful it doesn't cost anything.
Writer's BBS: This came recommended from another LegendFire member.
Writers Network: This site has a different point system. Authors are given a personal website with a page for a bio and options to post personal writing. Points are awarded for reviewing other members writing. Authors are charged 5 points for posting a piece of writing. The site has an official poem writing contest that provides word requirements and the winner receives a free account upgrade for a month. There also is an option for member-run contests that does not appeal to me. The reward is site-based points and varies by contest. This site has a formal point system and member-run writing contests. The contests vary greatly and are rewarded with points and on-site recognition. There are other options, but I have not paid much attention to them. I found this one while answering a Yahoo Answer question. I checked the link for validity, but haven't tried it. Its format is simple.

Finding Groups
Meetup: Although this site does charge something for establishing groups through the site, it has no charge for creating a profile nor searching and joining established groups. The groups on Meetup have in-person meetings.
Myscify: This is a new, free site for science fiction enthusiasts. The potential is there; it needs more people. I have created a group on the site for Amateur Fiction writers.

Writing Prompt Generators

Chaotic Shiny: Has multiple generators for everything from culture to constellations. Recommended TheComicArtist on LF.
Seventh Sanctum: This offers a variety of random generator options. I find most of the results goofy. However, I have generated the max number of options and been able to piece together enough reasonable ideas to write a story. If nothing else, its amusing. I recommend giving the site a chance.
WritingFix: I found this on LF and looked around a bit. It has a type of prompt generators for characters, setting and a really funny one for names. If nothing else, it can be funny. I recommend it.

Character Name Resources: More Baby Name Sites
Baby Names World: This is my favorite name site to date. It offers various search options. The advance search option is the best of the sites I have used. The Name Wizard allows the user to enter three names and receive a list of suggestions based on those names.
African Names: This site has some options that are not related to African names, but I found no interest in them. The bottom of this page has options for African names, including origin, country and gender. A quick way to locate an African name.
US Census Data Names
: Need a name popular in the United States in 1880, trying this site out.

List by Origin: Has a good variety of names listed by ethnic group.
Irish Surnames: This is a good resources for surnames of Irish origin. The names have the name's origin, pronunciation and some definitions.
Doukhobor Names
: I am not real sure what Doukhobor means exactly, but this is a site I found a Russian surname that I could not confirm was a name anywhere but on a tombstone in a cemetery somehow related to "Doukhobor."

On-line Articles
Scholarpedia: Similar to Wikipedia, it has different guidelines. The information is suppose to be more reliable. It took me a bit to find an article and then the article was over my head. With the posted guidelines, however, the information standards are potentially better then Wikipedia.
Wikipedia: This site is good for finding the basic idea behind a concept. It may also include links to other websites on the topic. Please remember that this site is available to anyone and everyone to make pages and possibly alter those pages. This site should not be considered a reliable source. Please check the source of the information provided on this site.

Writing Resources
Basic Guide to Essay Writing
Daily Writing Tips: Numerous writing tools, including a page on commonly confused words. 50 Problem Words and Phrases. From what I've seen, it has a lot of good resources for research. It specifies research papers, but I figure it has more uses.
How to Write a Poem: A rather formal explanation of writing poetry. Could be useful for a class project.
Purdue Online Writing Lab: Creative-Sedative on LF gave me this one. Has some wonderful links of its own.
SFWA: World Building Information: This is one section of the website for Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer's of America. It includes some good information on creating fictional worlds.
Short Stories: 10 Tips for Creative Writers: LF has a writers resource post/thread involving this page. I looked at it a little bit. Looks promising.
The Snowflake Method: Another wonderful link from the LF writers resource forum. It is an approach to writing and worth looking at.
Superhero Nation: This website has a lot of good information on improving one's writing. It is writing with an interesting sense of humor which makes reading the information easier then someone listing the "dos and don'ts" of writing.
TV Tropes: While the name meant nothing to me when Vanguard waved it under my nose, I did find the site interesting. I only briefly glanced over one section. The information I saw was good.
Writing Gender Analysis
: I found this interesting to try. However, I question its validity. Both me, and the woman who recommended it, were viewed as masculine writers by this analysis.

Writing Resources for Teens
David Barr Kirtley: This site was referred from Yahoo Answers. I looked at it briefly. It includes links to contests listed by deadlines. I am noticing as I review links listed as resources on this site that the sites are not free. The contests do look reasonable, so I will leave the link.

Self-Publication (Please note I have no way of confirming claims by these sites. Please review the site's policies before signing anything.) This is a site that offers free submission for Print-On-Demand. (Basically, a book submitted through the website will be printed if ordered for purchase.) I have joined it, but not published anything yet. It sounds good, but I have no experience with the publication procedure yet. Please review the site for the various publication options. There is, however, a minor misunderstanding with the free publishing. It still requires that authors pay for copyrighting. In the Unites States that is $45. But that $45 dollars gives the author ownership. US Copywriters are not defensible in court unless the author has a formal, purchases copyright through the US Copyright office. (Please review the US Copyright Office website for accurate information.)

Zachery Quinto: Although this site has nothing to do with creative writing, it does have photographs of an incredibly good-looking actor. He is known as the new Spock to Star Trek fans and Sylar to Heroes fans. So I'm hopeless, what can I say?

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