Sometimes the scariest stories about real science. My favorite aspects of science are the holes in mainstream scientific theory. The idea that maybe science has it wrong. Once upon a time, it was "fact" that the Earth was the center of the solar system. Sad part is, it never was. Nor was the Earth flat. Makes me wonder what else we have wrong and are to arrogant to consider the possibility.

Life in Harsh Places

Unusual Lifeforms (Might inspire some interesting fantasy or science fiction setting creatures.)
Crazy living rock is one of the weirdest creatures we’ve ever seen: This aquatic life form looks like a rock. It has unusual attributes. Even odder, its edible.
Mongoose: Its listed as being able to kill snaked. I've heard stories, I can't confirm, that the Mongoose is the only mammal (other than Humans) able to take down a King Cobra.
Narwhal: This whale has an impressive tusk that has no actual value except for perhaps social standings.
Platypus: Probably the strangest mammal currently alive on Earth. It has a bill. It has venom. It can identify prey by electric fields produced by other animals.

Miscellaneous Links from Legendfire's Bird.
Astronomy Cast: "This is a podcast that covers everything to do with Astronomy, Planetary Science, Physics, Space Flight, Chemistry, and the History of astronomy..."
Bad Astronomy: "Phil Plait is the writer of this blog that focuses mostly on just astronomy issues, but also discusses a couple of other important scientific theories, especially the ones politicians like to try to slander. He's very approachable and his explanations are written for the layperson..."
NASA: .gov website for the US space agency. Face Sheet for Solar System
ARKive: photographs of various species, including endangered, on Earth.
The Virtual Cave: for exploring cave features and how they're formed in easy language
Scienceworld: "is an excellent resources for anything and everything involving science and math."

Jacques-Yves Cousteau is know for his sea-related research. This is the wikipedia site.

Science made easy
Quantum Physics for Dummies: This is suppose to be in simply terms. Well, maybe if one is a physics major.

General Science
First Law of Thermodynamics

Technology and Energy

Alta Vista: This is the search engine I use for searches involving technology.
Solar Cell: A long Wikipedia page on solar energy.
Photosynthesis: This is the plant process of turning sunlight into energy that is the basis for powering the machine I mentioned. (Real technical sounding)
Nanotechnology: This is the concept of technology and computers that so small they are at the atomic level.
Radio ID Chips: This is a use of a very small radio transmitter.
Algae Oil: This is basic info on algae oil and how it produces its energy. Please note that oil necessary for fuel production is not standard pond scum.
Geothermal Energy
Wind Energy

Bizarre Theories (Bird, help!)
Holographic Principle: This has something to do with the String Theory and Black Holes. I haven't found a science nerd to English dictionary yet.
Holographic Paradigm: This relates to the Holographic Principle somehow. However, I don't get it either.
Roger Penrose: He proposed a theory that consciousness is somehow a new form of physics. I'm not real sure on this either. It gave me ideas, the general concept of it, to write a story that is way over my head. (Something else Roger Penrose is known for. When toilet paper becomes plagiarism.)

Unusual Possibilities About Intelligence and Mental Quirks
Albert Einstein: This wikipedia piece talks about the possibility that Albert Einstein was missing pieces of his brain and it contributed to his genius.

Scientific Myths
10% Brain Usage: This goes into why the theory that we use 10% of our brains is incorrect.

Resource Links
Conversion Information

Science and Health
Are You Ready? This rather sensationally titled article has information on climate-related medical problems.
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