After fielding a question on the Gothic fiction genre and the Victorian era, I decided to post the links I found. Research is very important when writing fiction set in historical times. Readers chose books set in certain counties and times because they enjoy that section of history. Inaccuracies will be noticed. If your editor does not notice the mistake, your readers will.

Ancient Egypt Catholic Saints Traveling Speeds

Historical Fiction Types

: A combination of horror and romance, as per the wikipedia site this is linked to. This explains the basics of this type of fiction.
Historical Romances
: A good starting point to see what subgenres of romances are out there. I love historical Irish and Scottish romances when I am in the mood for historical. There is a lot to know to write historical settings realistically. Jude Deveraux has a number of good historical books. The Duchess is set in Scotland and goes into the differences between European and American cultures. Deveraux's Velvet series involves her Montgomery family line and goes into English and Scottish historical cultures.
Regency Romances
: 19th Century setting. Think Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer. (In looking around for potential publication options, I noticed some years ago that this type of romance was noted at being harder to sell. For publication purposes, please check the Writers' Market and do some research to see if the book type is marketable.)

Note: Knights in shining armor are wonderfully romantic from a less then accurate standpoint. Send them into areas of Ireland and Scotland and they are simply humans in cans waiting for potential assailants armed with ancestors of the can opener. Please make sure you know your setting.

Victorian Style Houses

Medieval Warfare
. I just copied this from a LF post I made.
Wikipedia page.
Medieval Warfare: Site with more details.
Medieval Warfare: Another site with info.
Medieval Information: Collection of articles.
Medieval Spell: Page on weapons with in-site links to additional information on medieval times.

Laminar "...sometimes confusingly referred to as "banded mail", is an armour made from horizontal overlapping rows or bands of solid armour plates..."

Pirates (basic info for historical pirates)
Island: Pirates need a place to bury treasure and have hideouts.
Tropical climate: Tropical islands are a lot more pleasant to hang out on, and have more options, than cold ones.
Maps (scroll down for a wooden ship suitable for historical pirates): Although these maps are primarily for Dungeons and Dragons, they can easily be used for resources and/or creating story settings.
Miscellaneous historical pirate info

Time Periods

History in Focus: The Victorian Era: I haven't looked it over much, but it looks promising for research.
The Beacon Society: Victorian Era research for Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts.
Victorian Era : This is a good starting point but is not an alternative to in-depth research. When I research for game settings, I go to my local library and pester the librarians. I say pester because I never have easy questions.

Historical Names

US Census Bureau
: Census data is not available for the first 72 years. It has no current information. It does have accurate, historical information about the United States.
US Social Security Administration Name Database
: Ever wondered what names were popular in the United States in 1922? Or other years in the last couple centuries? This is accurate, historical, name information.
Victorian Era
: I found a good introductory list of names for the Victorian era.