Floor wire concealer - Floor cushion seat.

Floor Wire Concealer

floor wire concealer
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floor wire concealer - Wiremold C210
Wiremold C210 White Cordmate II Kit
Wiremold C210 White Cordmate II Kit
The Wiremold White Cordmate II kit contains everything you need to hold wires and cords within a space-saving cord channel that's flexible and hinged, and easily snaps opens and shut. The peel and stick self-adhesive backing is easily attached onto baseboards or walls, and the white PVC components can be painted or stained to match a room's color. This kit is ideal for holding networking cables and audio/video wiring.
What's in the Box
l2 feet of cord channel (3 four-foot sections), two flat elbows, inside elbow, outside elbow, two couplings, and T-fitting.

86% (19)
Wiring S board
Wiring S board
Wiring platform using the 644
Wiring S Board
Wiring S Board
Wiring Based on the atmega644

floor wire concealer
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