Traffic Collision 2

After pressing the START GAME button, you will press SKIP in the lower right corner of the screen, click on 'Yes' in 'ARE YOU SURE YO WANT TO EXIT' warning. You will select section and start the game called Traffic Collision 2 Unblocked. You will not be able to use additional functions such as repairing the vehicle and prolonging the time, except for the NITRO, which will be used to speed up the vehicle, as it will start the game. If you succeed in the sections, these locked functions will be opened in time. You will move with the right and left buttons or using the A and D keys, and to use the nitro mode, you will press and hold the up arrow or W key. 

You will be careful not to hit vehicles when you are on the road. As mentioned earlier, the vehicle repair mode will be locked for now, so you will not forget that you will not be able to repair your vehicle and act accordingly. In the game you will race against time. You'll take your vehicle to the finish line with the least damage in 100 seconds. You will see the time remaining in the statistics at the bottom right of the screen, the damage status of the vehicle, the speed of the vehicle and how much nitron remains. Don't forget that the vehicle will go off without stopping and that you cannot brake at all ! Good luck with...