The Sniper Training

You will press PLAY GAME then you will start The Sniper Training Unblocked. If you've played a conflict style game before, you won't have a hard time in this game. In fact, if you didn't play, you'll know right away what the game should be. You will use the computer mouse to lock the target and the R or SPACE key to fill the magazine when the bullet runs out. You'll have a sniper rifle with binoculars and you'll try to take a look and shoot the hidden enemies with the rifle. 

You're going to get different points from every enemy you've killed and the location where you hit the enemy. Of course, doing these things against the clock, 60 seconds that will keep in mind and act according to him ! In total you will have 5 lives and 10 bullets and you will lose the game when the number of enemies you miss is 5. As the bullets will often end, you will not forget to follow the bullets in the lower left corner of the screen, and you will see the points you scored in the upper left corner of the screen.