Tank Wars

Tank Wars. Here's the game you're looking for. We offer you a great opportunity to spend your time in a fun way. Speed ​​and thinking power is an enjoyable game. Get ready for an exciting adventure in this game ! 

How to play Tank Wars ?

First of all, your goal is to complete the task given to you. The game will consist of 10 parts. Except the first section, the other sections are locked. You will need to complete the first chapter to reach those chapters. To do this, press the move button and start the game. In Tank Wars you have a tank to steer and 20 tami tamina tanks that you must destroy to pass the level ! You will have the right to 10 lives that will allow you to move to the other section. But you won't forget that the game will end if you hit the dot to the right where you first started ! Of course, the tank won't fire, right ? Otherwise, you will defeat the enemies and complete the mission. 

You will shoot using the left mouse button on the game screen. The red dot will help you with that. After the game starts, you will use the keyboard's forward - backward, right - left buttons to determine the direction in which the tank will go. To move forward, press the up arrow key and move the tank forward. The reverse key will move the tank backwards. the right and left arrow keys will also move the tank sideways. You will use this to complete the steer mission and escape from the tanks trying to shoot you. You will destroy the tiles with your bullets in order to move forward, as well as open roads, and so on. If you want the green roads in the corners, you will spend the night. Although the green roads will help you in your past, it will not create a shield against the enemy enemy. You will be quick in the crossings and be careful of the fire coming from all four sides, remembering that you will lose all your life with a bullet that hits your tank ! 

Speed ​​is a must ! Your observer power and foresight will also help. After hitting all 20 tanks, you will finish the first section and stay in the next section. Before we start the game, we want to inform you about something. You will be able to play this game alone or with a friend. Yeah, you read it right. When you click on the double player button on the home screen, you can have a good time by following the game instructions with your friend. The rules apply to both sections. Let's see who's gonna be the first. You will love Tank Wars game. Good luck !