Again, we're happy to have a brand new game again ! Are you ready to fight ? If yes, let's go to Superfighters.

How to play Superfighters ?

After pressing the Play button, you will press 1 Player to fight alone and 2 Player to fight with your friend. You will have to use the Enter key to make a selection. After selecting any of the options, you will come to the character setting screen. You will also use the Enter key to switch between screens. The game will start after you press one of the independent or random buttons and finally select the chapter.

You will fight against the computer-driven character. You will use the left and right arrow keys to move back and forth, the up arrow key to jump and the down arrow key to lean. Press N to shoot the enemy

You will have to use your weapon to overcome some of the obstacles you will face. You will press C and M together to draw bead on. To fire in series, press the C key several times in succession. On the one hand you will have to run over obstacles and on the other hand you will have to roll over some obstacles. To do this, press the forward or backward key and the downward key. You will go to the place where the weapon is located to get a new weapon and change your weapon by making a somersault. Come on, what's going on ? It's time to take action to defeat enemies, In Superfighters good luck !