Stickman Fighting 3D

Before you start Stickman Fighting 3D, you will have three options: STORY MODE, 1 MATCH and TRAINING MODE. For story mode, you will select the top one, the middle one for the challenge, and the bottom one for the practice. After you set it on map, you're in. At the top of the screen you will see two green bars on the right and left. Here you will see your own and your opponent's health status. You're gonna have 99 seconds in total. You will have to beat your opponent during this time to win the game. So you're gonna move fast and blow your opponent on top. 

How to play Stickman Fighting 3D Unblocked Games 77 ? 

You will jump with W, move left and right with A and D and bend with the S key. With T, you will slap your opponent with the opposite hand, punch with U, kick with G, and hug your opponent with J and hit the ground. If you want to stop the game, just press SPACE.