Running Fred

You will start Running Fred by pressing SPACE or clicking the left mouse button on the computer mouse. When you enter the game, you will meet a child running at full speed. Here, you will lead this child. Your lonely job is not easy ! Because you will not be able to stop the fast-running child, but you will try to survive many things that want to destroy the child. These will be discs on the ground, rotating balls, hidden iron spines and so on. 

You will direct the child with the right and left arrow keys and by pressing the up arrow button you will make the child jump. If you want to double bounce, you have to press the up arrow twice. As you progress in the game you will protect the child from vehicles that want to harm him, preventing the child from falling down to avoid losing the game. You will learn how many points you have won in the game when you pass the section or lose the game. Good luck with...