Run 3


 is a complete adventure game for you. You will be eager to bookmark this event, which is full of tension and high excitement. You will be able to play on your computer as well as play on your computer. Come on, open your eyes and stay clear of the gaps !

How to play Run 3 ?

You will be in the sky. So you have to be very careful not to fall into the void. Once the character moves, the speed will not change and will continue. Successfully completing part 1 of Run 3 will be the key to moving to other chapters. If you go well, you will have extra powers in each section. The most beautiful and useful one will be the balloon you will use to fly.

Before Run 3 starts you will see all the chapters you will play. Besides these sections, there will be those who are locked with the key sign. You will reach the locked places as the department passes. In the upper right corner there will be a note icon where you can control the sound, click here to play without music. On the top left side you will have the buttons back and forth after skipping the section. You can use these buttons if you want to play the previous part again. You will also see where you are in the sky on the map.

What are you waiting for ? Now is the time to blow like storms in the sky ! You can now activate your character by clicking on Chapter 1 and starting Run 3. You're lucky there's no time limit. Your character will still be waiting where you start. You will use the keyboard arrow keys to manage his movements. To move forward, press the up key to start. Once you start, you will keep your eyes open and move very carefully, as the character will not stop.

Once inside the  labyrinth, all you have to do is pay attention to the spaces. You will lose the game when any of these areas coincide. To escape from those areas, you will use the keyboard's left and right arrow keys. As the section passes, your movement area will be restricted and you will have more difficulty. Don't let this scare you. Because with the bonuses given to you, you will have no difficulty in passing the sections. As you pass through the  labyrinth, you will see that there are puzzles in some places. If you don't pass quickly, the puzzle will move and your character will fall. Remember, the power is in your hands ! In Run 3 good luck !