Learn to Fly

You love the sky. What about flying ? Doesn't he even have a good thought? Learn to Fly has a beginner and a cracked penguin trying to make that idea. You'll teach Penguin to fly. Come on, penguin waiting for you!

How to Play Learn to Fly Unblocked Game?

Your mission will be to teach a little penguin to fly. There will be obstacles between the glaciers and the penguin must fly to overcome the obstacles. With your help you will learn to fly the penguin by progressing a little more day by day. You'll have 5 chapters to finish Learn To Fly. You will try to pass the chapters by teaching Penguin to fly day by day. You will earn points for each department in return for the teacher to fly to him.

After you get to the start screen, press Play and you will go to the next stage. Here you will see a small house on the cold Antarctic continent, where the penguin lives. The game will start after you press the Play button again and briefly inform. And the game begins…

Are you ready to teach the penguin flying from a hill ? You'll fly the penguin at enough distance. As you try to fly the penguin, you will use the keyboard's right and left arrow keys to determine the direction of the penguin's flying. You're gonna have to turn the penguin so that his belly touches the water. At the end of the day you will earn points, with these points you will buy new features in penguin. Some of those; rocket, glider and wings for in order to move to the new section, you'll have to achieve enough success in your area. It's time for action on Learn to Fly for a good flight ! Good luck !