Icy Tower

After clicking the PLAY NOW button, you will press the arrow button on the right side of the game screen one after the other, then click okey button and you will start Icy Tower .

When you enter the game, you will see a child with a blue hat and a lot of steps on it. You're going to help him get the kid up fast. You will move the child with the left and right arrow keys and jump to the steps with the up or SPACE key and you will earn 10 points from each jump of the child. Don't forget ! The steps will not stop as they are, and after a while they will start to fall down and fall off, so you must be very fast. When the step starts to descend from time to time, press SPACE to switch to ultra-bounce mode, and you will try to jump higher and not fall down. If you don't want to start over, you'll be careful not to fall.