Icy Gifts 2

After clicking on PLAY GAME button, you will select the 1st section and start the Icy Gifts 2 Unblocked game. When you go into the game you will see how simple the game is played. It's easy to do. At the top of the rope wrapped at the top of the rope at the Christmas tree to help the father to pull the toys with the machine, you will use the down button to pull the toy hook. 

The first thing you want the Santa Claus to pull up the toy in the direction of the machine in that direction, and then using the down arrow key to aim as you hold up the toy. This is just what you have to do in the game. In the first part, Santa Claus will be asked to reach 1500 points. In the next chapters, because the work will become more difficult, the amount of points to be earned in proportion to this will increase. Let's not forget. Keep in mind that Santa Claus has 60 seconds and is racing against the clock!