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Crazy Demolition Derby V1

We're happy to be in front of a new game we think you might love ! After pressing PLAY NOW, you will enter the game Crazy Demolition Derby V1 by clicking on any of the servers EUROPE, ASIA or USA and then pressing the JOIN button. Your goal is to destroy the opponents vehicles by hitting them. Likewise they will do their best to detonate your vehicle. There's gonna be a big ball on the field. We obviously couldn't figure out what this was for, but we believe you will ! 

In the upper right corner of the screen you will see options such as ABS, ESP, parking brake and headlight. You'll use them when you need them. In the same place, you will follow the engine speed counter. In the upper left corner of the screen there will be an odometer. You will earn $ 300 for every vehicle you blow and with this money you will buy various equipment from your garage to your vehicle. You will consolidate your engine and add speed, power to your speed.