GTA (Grand Theft Auto)

We have a flash game like GTA Grand Theft Auto Unblocked ! You will start with the PLAY button after following the necessary instructions. When you enter the game, you will need to press the SPACE key repeatedly to switch the chat bubbles immediately. 

You will see a yellow car in the owner. You have to steal that last-model luxury car and run ! You just need to go to the car's driver's door. With the protection next to the character, the car will be driven by itself, and then the car will be fully controlled. To use the car, you will use the direction keys on the keyboard. Don't forget ! The moment you steal the car, the cops will follow you, while the police car will follow you, while the cops outside will start shooting in the car. So you're gonna have to escape from the cops as long as you can. You will not stop the car to stop the police from losing you and you won't lose the game, and you won't get caught.