Golden Duel

We're glad to be with a brand new game ! Golden Duel Unblocked is a conflict game. You will have six exploded guns in the hands of your opponent and against. You know, there's guns that don't have this magazine, that's the cowboy gun. As you will have six bullets in total, you will start aiming your opponent well and start counting on the bullets as soon as the game starts. As the division goes on, your opponent's strengths will be strengthened, and opponents with better, aiming abilities will come. 

Of course, you will have to respond to them more intensely. You're going to get a different and more robust weapon. To get a better collection of weapons to get a better weapon to pass parts successfully. You will see the money you earned from the top left corner of the screen where the dollar sign is located, just below the screen and the number of rounds in ROUND. Since you have three lives in the game, you must be fast and careful. Good luck with...