Gibbet 2

After clicking the green PLAY button, you will select LEVEL 1 and enter the game. When you play in Gibbet 2 Unblocked, you will click the mouse three times in a row and start the game. It's very, very simple to do. 

When you start the game, you will be a girl standing in front of her narrow tree, asking for your help, and you'll have to save her from where she is without harming her. There's going to be one arrow for that, and you're gonna get the girl out of that rope by using the arrow. Using the computer mouse, you will determine the direction of the arrow and throw the arrow. If you hit the girl instead of the rope, the girl's life will be reduced due to the octane you hit. Don't forget ! She's got a rope around her neck, and every minute she's gonna die. That's why you have to move quickly and carefully to save the girl. You have a total of 30 arrows, so you don't have to squish your arrows and take a good look at your target.