Epic Boss Fighter

It's simple to play, but we're with a game that's hard to pass through. You will start Epic Boss Fighter Unblocked by pressing the PLAY button. As soon as you start the game, you will see the insects that are attacking you. All you have to do is destroy the parasites one by one and read the insects ! Yeah, that's just gonna be your goal. When you kill those beetles one by one, the main bug will be disturbed by this situation and it will try to kill you by releasing multiple insects. To survive, you must escape these insects and attack the main insect. 

W, A, S, D keys or you want to move with the mouse. You don't need to hang an extra key on any key because the gun will shoot automatically. You will be able to see the main situation of the main insect from the top of the screen and follow its own state of life from the bottom.