Cubefield Unblocked

Fly your spaceship in Cubefield, get rid of scattered cubes and show your warrior power!

How to Play Cubefield Unblocked Game?

The aim is it will be flying as far as possible without touching the red, orange, yellow cubes. While achieving this goal, you will adjust your hand and eye harmony very well.

You'll press the NEW GAME button to get started. You will play the game high. There will also be cubes that will live the Cubefield adventure in this area. As the spaceship moves between the cubes, you will control the ship using the arrow keys.

You will use the up and down arrow keys to go forward, right and left to go left, and press the P key to stop the game. If you want to improve the game quality during the game, you will select one of the LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH options by pressing the Q key.

You will have no other life while driving the spaceship. So you have to be very careful. When any earrings hit, the spaceship will disappear and the game will restart. You will direct the spacecraft into the spaces. You will try not to hit the yellow and orange cubes.

It is very important that you act carefully to get a good score in Cubefield.While you go ahead in space, the cubes will increase in number, so you should be patient.

You will see your score in the top left corner. Your score will start to increase with your move. Your highest score will be recorded as a record. Try to see if you can beat this score every time. Good luck !