Coaster Racer 2

Are you ready to compete with your car ? We're in a fun car racing game you're gonna love. Name of the game is Coaster Racer 2. After pressing Play and select the section you will start the game directly. You can't start the race when you're in the game. You need to wait for the green traffic light to come on and start. With the burning of the green light you will find yourself in fierce struggle. 

You have only one opponent in the game with no opponents, but it is not easy to cross. Because he drives the car very well and is pretty fast. In order to win your game, you must come to the finish line before you can. If the distance in the road is too wide, you can use Nitro mode by pressing "N" key to maximize the speed of your vehicle. You can play the game with the direction keys or by pressing W, A, S, D.