Burrito Bison

Do you like skill game? If yes, this game is for you! In Burrito Bison you will see a very angry giant horned bison. The bison is trying to attack and damage the head. You should be able to support him on this. Well, how do you do that? It's pretty simple to do. 

How to Play Burrito Bison Unblocked Game?

When the pointer on the screen comes to an end, you're gonna throw the bison. In this way, the way the bison will go beyond the blue bear-like creatures will be more than crushed. When he falls, the ambulance will come to pick up the bison and the game will be back to the top. But every time you launch, you will earn money according to the distance you sent the bosom and the number of blue creatures you crushed. You can shop at this money shop.