Bueno Rufus

We are extremely happy to be against a new game again. This time you're playing the game, Bueno Rufus. You may not understand much from the name of the game, but when you get into the game you will understand how to play the game. The game is extremely simple. You are a squirrel. You have to prepare a side dish for your guests. It's got cheese, pepper sauce, soda and chocolate. You're just going to prepare a side dish. There's something important you need to take care of when preparing the side dish. When you need to fill the cups underneath, you have to fill the cups with the picture on the cups. 

For example: if you have a picture of cheese on the glass, you will fill the cheese sauce in the glass. Similarly, if you have a picture of a pepper in a glass, you'll put the pepper sauce. You can check the points in the top left corner of the game screen. There are 9 rights in total. You're gonna lose 1 right in every wrong fill. That's why you have to fill the cups with the necessary ingredients.