Bloon Tower Defense 2

Again, We are here for fun and nice game. This time the name of the game Bloon Tower Defense 2. As you can understand the name of the game will play the second version. Before the game starts, you determine the level of difficulty and then press the Play button and start the game. It's simple to do. When the game starts, the balloons will start to pass through a maze. You've got to blow all these balloons. You're going to use the needle in your hand. 

When the game starts you will choose the necessary equipment and heroes according to the amount of money. The post is no longer their ability. You don't need to press any buttons to launch the needle. He's gonna make the heroes and blow up the balloons. According to the money situation, you can make the hero throw the needles faster and faster. To do that, click on the Faster Shooting. Click on the Start Round button at the bottom right to go to the new section.