Big Bad Ape

Are you ready to play the game Big Bad Ape ? We're sure you've never played a game like this before. In the game you have a giant orangutan and are pretty pissed. They put this animal in jail. She wants to get out of there and walk outside. You're gonna help him with that. When you start the game you will see the orangutan trapped in a glass cage. In the upper left corner of the game screen, you will see which keys you should play. 

Oranguta must break the glass in order to get out of the closed area. Use the Arka Space mas key to break the window and make it come out of the enclosure. What is there on the way, what does not exist in front of the creatures, items and space with the "Space" key to take. Don't forget that the orangutana will earn points! You can control the can of the orangutan from the left side. Have fun…