is a war game. There's a bear in the game, as you can see from the name. The bear is trying to resist his enemies. You must help him in protecting his enemies. With A, S, D keys you will make attacks against the bear's enemies. With the A button you can shake the ax in your hand, fire the weapon with the S key, and in case of danger, press the D key to remove the shield and protect itself. Already you will be warned about which button to press in the game. You get comfortable for that matter. 

Don't forget ! If you are a strong bear, then it is also quite powerful and you will have a panda with the same characteristics. So, you're going to fight against vicious and strong pandas. So you must be very careful. Fight against your enemies as much as you can and win the game. Keep in mind that the game is not a simple game and it is a compelling game.